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The paper "Creativity and Innovation - the Coffee Shop" is an outstanding example of a management essay. The coffee  business is one of the easiest and profitable businesses one can ever think of. This is because is it the third place outside of home and work where one can relax and create the right ambiance. However, not coming up with an appropriate business plan for the coffee business can lead to an ultimate downfall. As manageable as it seems, it really requires a lot of time, creativity and investment. One cannot just wake and think of getting a coffee business simply because that is what he/she ought to do.

A plan is necessary as it helps one differentiate himself from the competition based on what he or she can afford. The coffee business is a low-transaction business and can require a lot of capital in startup costs. There is money to be made out of a coffee shop, but in order to get it, one must invest serious energy and time in innovating. With a comprehensive business idea, a coffee shop business is outstanding provided that the services offered are operative on a large volume basis. Creativity and Innovation When starting a coffee business, creativity has to be a priority as it might determine the success of the business.

Creativity refers to the use of original ideas or imaginations that can be useful in finding solutions to problems, communicating with others and entertaining ourselves and others. Being able to think about the building concept, the designs and people`s choices and prevalence can be a great strategic move towards the achievement of a profitable business.

Creativity builds the confidence of a business and one is assured of having a premium product to fill a gap in the market (Mumford, M. 2012, 16). Creativity also enables one to carry out an in-depth Swot analysis thus making provisions for the threats and weaknesses in order to be able to exploit the existing opportunities. One has to think of unique ways of making a business thrive in the competitive world. For instance, one can think of carving out space on the event floor of a coffee shop where one can grab a seat and rest, can accommodate students and their books, or even meet new people and socialize with them (Thompson & Choi, H.

2006, 15).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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