Essays on The Comparison of Zara and H&Ms Internet Marketing Case Study

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The paper "The Comparison of Zara and H& Ms Internet Marketing" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   The fashion industry is ever-changing, hence the need to have a strategy which ensures that fashion retailers are able to communicate to the market about the latest fashion designs in the market. In addition to this, there is a greater need for the retailers to ensure that they are able to sell their products hence being able to compete competitively in the market. This has given rise to the uncontrollable need to adopt internet marketing strategies in the fashion industry.

The use of the internet in the business has led to the creation of substantial value. The figure below shows the value created by internet search in several countries. (McKinsey & Company, 2011, p. 6)   The US Retail Industry The global retail industry is growing at a great rate. The value associated with the industry is also high. For instance, the retail sales at the US retail industry are valued at 368.79Billion US dollars. The growth of the industry is the US can also be seen from the figure below. (Ycharts 2012, p. 1) The Apparel Retail Industry The global apparel retail industry is a major industry going by its value in the market.

As of 2009, the value of the industry was an outstanding 1.0315trillion US dollars. The following table shows the exact values from 2005 to 2009. (Data Monitor 2010, p. 10) As seen from the data, the global apparel retail industry has been growing. This is shown better in the graph below. (Data Monitor 2010, p. 10) The United States controls the largest part of the global apparel retail industry, with a 37.3 % share of the industry, as seen in the table below. (Data Monitor 2010, p. 12)   Future of the Global apparel retail industry The industry is expected to grow by 12.9 % from 2009.

As at 2014, the total value of the industry is expected to be 1.1628 Trillion US Dollars. This can be seen from the table below. (Data Monitor 2010, p. 35) The Use of Social Media In The Fashion Industry The following figure shows a section of the Facebook page of H& M. From this page, it can be seen that H& M has been able to reach out to 12,664,563 people on earth.

This is a very great number with respect to marketing. This is a perfect use of internet marketing in the fashion industry. The Facebook page of Zara shown below is no different from H& M’ s. Via Facebook alone, the company has been able to reach out to 15, 068,874 people who are also a very encouraging number with respect to marketing. As pointed out above, both companies also do have a great web presence using their company websites. Via the websites and social media, the companies are able to advertise their products, maintain two-way communication with the market and also create market awareness of new products in the market. Use of the Internet in the Market On the other customers have a resort to the use of the internet to shop.

More and more customers are using the internet to purchase various products (Moon 2004, p. 104). Ideally, the internet is a very important tool which determines the purchasing patterns of online shoppers (PWC 2010, p. 37). This comes out clearly after looking at the following data by PWC on the likelihood of An American shopper making a purchase after making an online search.


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