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The paper entitled 'The Concept of Building of Swimming Pool' is a great example of business coursework. The swimming pool is an area wherein people desire to relax and to obtain delight. The proposal to build a concrete in-ground-based swimming pool usually takes into concern a substantial level of expenditure. The concept of building such a type of swimming pool is not new and can be viewed to create a new buzz among the people. The proposed business is to create a salt-generated swimming pool with several features such as waterfalls, gas heated spa, and solar system to maintain a constant temperature at the pool.

This form of swimming pool possesses several facets, out of which the most important is that it acts as a sanitizer and assists in killing bacteria present in the pool. The proposal to build the salt generated swimming pool can prove beneficial for the people as chlorine generator provides a greater advantage over the conventional pool. The decisive feature, which would make the project proposal effective, is the advantage that the saltwater swimming pool would provide to the people, i.e. , its water inclines to be softer.

Moreover, the business proposal regarding building a salt-generated swimming pool is expected to remain quite cost-effective as the pool's maintenance is less expensive. The above-discussed facets of the pool would eventually make the newly designed project more lucrative and attractive for the people (Morton Salt Inc, 2014). Executive Summary, The projected project of constructing a concrete in-ground-based salt generated swimming pool intends to offer various facilities to the people. In this regard, the type of problem, which might be faced in this proposed project, is determining the people's knowledge concerning the benefits that the salt generated swimming pool provides to the customers.

Moreover, the preliminary investment cost for establishing the pool might be quite high as it would comprise waterfalls and gas heated spa, among others.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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