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Essays on The Concept of E-Commerce regarding the Economic Development and Business to Business Relations Thesis

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The paper “ The Concept of E-Commerce regarding the Economic Development and Business to Business Relations” is an affecting example of a thesis on e-commerce. The fiercely competitive marketplace has just got tougher with the global recession. Companies have to focus on marketing their core competencies strategically to retain existing customer loyalties and get new customers. The internet is a powerful marketing tool that can save a lot of resources if used wisely. There is always an attachment of new technology to the growth of Business and economy. There has been a lot of doubt about the role of e-commerce in the overall economic activities.

The implications of e-commerce to the growth of the economy are the subject matter. The impact of e-commerce on the various segments like agriculture, labor market, transportation and other forms of the economy has to be understood in detail.   History of E-commerceThe growth of e-commerce had several steps. The development of the Electronic Data Interchange was the first step. (‘ Electronic Data Interchange – EDI’ )The Electronic Data Interchange was a set of standards that were developed in the year 1960s and that was developed mainly to exchange information and do transactions in electronics.

There were several Electronic data Formats that the various forms of business could use and in the year 1984. the ASC X12 standard was considered to be more stable and reliable when it came to transferring large amounts of data and transactions. The growth of electronic fund transfer was an added advantage for the growth of e-commerce. The Mosaic web browser came to existence in the year 1992. The browser specialty was that it was the first point and click browser that was released.

The change made into Mosaic was that it became a fast downloadable version of Netscape that allowed faster access to e-commerce transactions and dealings. (Suijker, Frans) The development of e-commerce had an impetus when the DSL was developed. The DSL allowed quicker access to the internet and the connection was persistent of the internet. The first big sale season of e-commerce can be said of the 1998 Christmas and that season had seen American Online, AOL recording a sale of more than 1.2 billion in the 10-week shopping.

( Weisman, John) The development of free software under Red Hat Linux had given the impetus to the growth of e-commerce. Linux was an open-source platform when compared with Windows and it was considered reliable. The increased competition meant that Microsoft started investing more in e-commerce platforms. (Weisman, John, part 11) The other major step in the development of e-commerce can be said to Napster and this is a site that is used to share music for free. The increased use by consumers meant that the dictation was being forced on the industry. In early 2000, there was a major merger between AOL and Time Warner and it was worth $350 million and that bought together an online company with a traditional company.

This was the major push for e-commerce. Hackers were able to attack the major players of e-commerce like Yahoo, E-bay, and Amazon in February 2000. The attack by hackers stressed the need for increased security for e-commerce sites. ( Laudon, Kenneth C, Traver, Carol Guercio) 

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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