Essays on The Current Marketing Situation of Qantas Case Study

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The paper “ The Current Marketing Situation of Qantas" is a  wonderful example of a case study on marketing. Qantas is an Australian airline founded in 1920 and is the second oldest in airline history. The key marketing strategy that Qantas employs is market segmentation in which it offers diverse products for the diverse needs of travelers. This has proved to be imperative in the context of promoting Australia as a famous destination. The airline offers this by venturing in both full service and low-cost travel modes. Promotional activities undertaken by Qantas include use of the Internet, unique in-flight meals as well as the famous in-flight magazine known as The Australian Way.

Other strategies include lowering operating costs in order to lower fares and increase travel as well as popularizing discounts and special offers on flights to Australia. Qantas markets itself through various brands that are famous for distinctive services such as Qantas Business Travel and Qantas Holidays. The airline’ s website enables online booking and real-time feedback that is essential for booking procedures, and this has greatly increased its popularity as well as that of Australia. Branding is a marketing concept that seeks to develop the attractiveness of a product or service thus diversifying the income streams for the specific brand.

Branding is usually done in order to overcome barriers in a competitive environment. As such, branding is seen as a smart marketing approach that strives to develop a unique entity about the product or service. In recognizing the need for Australia to market itself as an international brand, Australian Trade Minister announced that the government would spend $20 million on a period of the next four years to create a new international brand for Australia.

This will involve capturing the vigor as well as the vibrancy of modern Australia and depicting it to the world. As part of the Building Brand Australia process, organizations are required to propose strategies that will enable them to spread their interests internationally and therefore significantly contribute to the initiative of Building Brand Australia. In recognition of the need to meet the Building Brand Australia initiative, this paper will focus on the strategies used by the Qantas. Qantas is an already established airline having been founded in 1920.

The fact the airline conducts long-distance flights all over the world puts it in a vantage position to market Australia and therefore meet the requirements of the Building Brand Australia initiative. The paper will focus on the current marketing situation of Qantas, from which a new strategy that is more encompassing will be developed. The objectives of the marketing strategy will also be discussed with a view to promoting Qantas beyond its scope in the international arena. It is noteworthy that the more Qantas invests in other countries, the more it will market Australia as an international brand and therefore help achieve the Building Brand Australia initiative. The other section of the paper will be a thorough analysis of Qantas’ s marketing strategy, both at home and in the international markets.

Finally, the paper will address the various action programs that Qantas has undertaken or which can be taken further in order to appropriately meet the requirements of the Building Brand Australia initiative.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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