Essays on The Current Shortcomings, Challenges, and Planned Recruitment and Training Process at ABC Case Study

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The paper "The Current Shortcomings, Challenges, and Planned Recruitment and Training Process at ABC" is a good example of a case study on marketing. ABC is a multinational corporation that manufactures and sells electronics globally. The company is one of the best performing firms in the electronic and mobile phone manufacturing industry. One of the main challenges the firm faces is the payment of import duty, which is very high or costly (Albaum & Duerr 2008, p. 42). This is a major challenge because it reduces the profit margins of the company, which may, in the long run, lead to losses that may not be recovered in the future.

The inputs or raw materials used are imported from different countries; hence, attracting an import duty (Kotler & Keller 2008, p. 31). The large quantities of materials needed include Tedlar, silver paste, glass, aluminum, and various chemicals, which cannot be found locally. It is the hope of the company that the government will intervene soon because the effects are severe and may not be controlled in the future if not addressed immediately (Allen & Helms 2002, p.

115). The shortage of skilled-ready human resources is a challenge or challenge that is facing the company. The unavailability of technical manpower is critical and has affected the company’ s performance (Ghauri & Cateora 2006, p. 20). Human resources or the workforce determines the success or failure of the company. It has been a challenge or a shortcoming for the company to recruit highly skilled and talented professionals (Catano 2009, p. 400). The company cannot afford to pay the salaries of the most qualified professionals because of low returns or profits, which has led to poor quality products.

The high rate of employee turnover is a challenge because the company has been employing people, who are being chased from other companies; hence, they cannot perform. The company lacks the most experienced workers, who can utilize the new technology to improve the performance of the company (Allen & Helms 2002, p. 117). Finding and retaining skilled employees has been a persistent challenge facing ABC Company. It is costly for the company because recruiting and training new employees monthly is unrealistic (Hussmanns et al.

1990, p. 343). Having the right people ready at the right time to support the company in every organization is not easy. The brand and image of the company are built by the employees. The spread of the new technology and globalization is a factor to be considered because it may not bring the required playground in the industry in terms of information, availability of finance, and technology. Like other resources such as capital and land, human resources is vital for the success of the organization (Albaum & Duerr 2008, p.

43). Human resources will create a competitive advantage if they are well recruited but the company has not been in a position to meet these standards. The talented workforce has been scarce, which has been a challenge to train and build new professionals because it is time-consuming and costly.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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