Essays on The Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing Assignment

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The paper "The Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Relationship marketing (RM) has been exonerated as one of the avenues that lead to mutual development benefits and valuable long term relationships with the customers and thus is said to enhance consumer loyalty. Relationship marketing works effectively when customers are involved amicably in the service offered, with substantial personal interaction, customer’ s willingness to be engaged in relationship building activities (O’ Malley & Tynan 2000). Putting in place customer-oriented RM programs that allow free flow of information between Linear Coach Bus Service and customers do increase customer’ s positive feeling towards their Transportation option, and this, in the long run, increases satisfaction and relationship strength.

On the other hand, it has been agreed that many times companies come up with a marketing strategy so that they can be able to stop losing customers to competitors. However, the most influential strategy to stop consumer defections is the use of a customer loyalty program. This is attributed to the fact that, in most cases, these programs involve rewarding customers because of their repetitive purchases.

It is worth noting that, customer loyalty is very vital for the success of business organizations. Consequently, attracting new customers is more expensive than retaining the existing ones and therefore, increasing customer retention through secure relationships between buyers and sellers if of great importance. In any business playfield, competition has ever been dynamic. However, customer loyalty has been the most effective way of securing firms' profitability (Reinartz and, Kumar 2002). Customer loyalty is solely dependent on the brand and this is what determines customer retention and loyalty.

A brand in this case is therefore a combination of functional and emotional values that promises a unique and commendable experience for the customers (de Chernatony, Cottam & Segal‐Horn 2006). the value created here, therefore, is solely attributed to relationship with the brand as perceived by the customer (Hennig‐Thurau, Gwinner & Gremler 2002). Conclusively, it is the customer who decides whether the relationship results to any value. This, therefore, calls for organizations to establish customer loyalty with a clear understanding of what the potential and the existing customers expect for their relationship with the Linear Coach bus service. cultivating a good relationship with the customers and having in place a customer loyalty program in our company will have substantial benefits in creating customer loyalty and in the long run increase profitability 1.1 Background Information Linear Coach Bus Service will be a transportation option which will be providing express services, tours, transfers, coach hire and bus charter for groups in every region in Australia.

Its services will target all groups big or small and offer services that will create value in the transportation sector by applying ‘ customer is King’ notion in every business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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