Essays on The Day-to-Day Activities of a Retails Business Assignment

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The paper "The Day-to-Day Activities of a Retails Business" is an engrossing example of an assignment on business. The retail industry is the main source of livelihood for very many people in the world and retail businesses are all over the place. Many people solely depend on this kind of business as a means of earning a living. The main thing that retailers do is to provide the services and products that are needed by the ordinary person and bringing these goods and services closer to them. These goods and services may include clothes, electronics, farm produce, laundry services, and so on. Retailing is on a fast growth all over the world and is among the biggest sources of employment in the economic world.

It avails a business opportunity that is brilliant and exceptional and this can be seen when the statistics are looked at which state that at least a third of all new businesses that are opened are retail establishments. The people that open these establishments have to put in their capital and time so that they can get returns after they have brought the products close to the consumers that need them. The day-to-day activities of a retail business will consist of the retailer acquiring the products or the service from the manufacturer or the person that creates it and selling it to the consumers for their own use.

The retailer is usually the second last entity in the chain of distribution since after he sells to the consumer there will be no other party to buy from the consumer. When the retailer is charging for the goods that he has given to the consumer, he will include the charges for his expenses and a little more so that he can be able to make a profit. The business that most appeals when it comes to operating a retail establishment are store retailing, where a fixed point of sale is operated in the places that have a potentially high number of customers that will stride into the shop to get what they want.

These shops will have a variety of products that the customer will choose from which they will use for their own personal needs or as household goods.

The store retails may also stock goods that may be used in institutions and offices such as stationery and even printers and computers. This is thus a feasibility study for opening a retail establishment that will be selling general household products and goods to the people in the local area.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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