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The Disable Clients within a Community Devise a communication strategy on an issue of concern to a client group or a human service organization The past year has been very fruitful for your organization. Through the government’s financial help, your non-government entity continues to alleviate the sufferings of both the current clients as well as the future clients of your nonstick company. With the government’s efforts, your non-profit and nonstick organization was able to overcome to pay the services of the medical doctors hired by your disability nonprofit organisation.

The medical doctors would focus on determining the best possible medical treatment that would lessen the pain and suffering of students patronizing your non-government organization’s zealous drive to do whatever it takes to make the life of the disabled members of society better (Fyson, 19). With the government’s financial assistance, donated money was used to pay for the services of the health care workers.

The health care workers included the social workers. In addition, a handful of nurses are currently being hired to help the medical doctors as they make the rounds of each patient being nurtured to a better health classification. The medical technologists were hired to aid in the conduction of physical examinations. The results of the physical exams will aid the medical doctors in diagnosing and prescribing the right medical procedures to improve the disabled persons’ current conditions.

Carolyn Vash (121) emphasized government funds are used to fund the nonprofit organization’s disability alleviation efforts. The government funds were used to train the disabled members of society to gain physical and mental freedom. The patients have gained freedom to be classified as equal members of United Kingdom Society. The government funds were also used teach the disabled patients to have the ability to survive alone, with dignity and character. The old mentality where the disabled members of society are made the laughing staff is nearly gone.

Your non-profit organization continues to implement its policy of training and equipping you, the disabled patients, to stand up for your rights and be given equal chances in work, play, and other aspects of United Kingdom life and other areas of the United Kingdom society. In addition, your disability- improvement organization uses the government donations to train people with disabilities to be involved any decision- making activities during their everyday lives (Hogelund 11).

The disabled patients under your organization’s current rehabilitation program will be able to enhance their confidence when brought the point of choosing the best among several alternative choices. Further, Jan Hogelund (12) opined “Effective disability policies are increasingly important for the sustainability of modern welfare states. How policies influence employers and disabled people is crucial for nations succeed in integrating disabled people into the labour market. Policies may motivate disabled people to participate actively in the labour market and provide them with skills and abilities that increase their employability.

Policies also, in different ways and to varying degrees, motivate employers to employ disabled people”. In addition, James Wilson (Wilson 135) theorized “When performing social roles and identities, disability—like gender, class, and race—becomes a point of confrontation and negotiation in a given contact zone. The academic setting, with its conflicting expectations that students be cooperative and passive as they examine differences, provides an interesting context for the dynamics of displaying disability.

Whether the person with a perceivable disability is the teacher or the student, tensions emerge over the issue of authority. Ideally, higher education fosters the ability to move beyond group think. ” The above quote clearly shows that it is a normal occurrence for the disabled to be branded as a person who lacks the necessarily faculties to be considered as a normal person. Many of the classmates having normal capacities to learn or act will insult or discriminate against the classmate having physical disability.

In response, the person having the physical disability will react either negatively or positively. In terms of negative reaction, the person with physical disability may feel frustrated for being born or being inflicted with the physical or mental disability. For example, the person with physical disability may be discouraged to enter class because the other normal students will insult or making fun of the disabled person. On the other hand, some of the persons with physical disability prefer different methods of looking at the students bullying, making fun of, or discriminating them.

The person with physical disability may have to accept the reality of bullying. Next, person with disability may have to learn how to equip oneself physically and mentally in order to overcome the discriminating attacks of the normal members of students inside the classroom environment. However, times have changed. The government has announced that it will reduce its funding of some of the organizations focusing on some organizations in the disability section of Society.

With the reduction in the incoming government funds, your non –governmental organization will temporarily be forced to reduce the current help being offered to the current and future disability patients. The reduction in funds will force your non- government agency to implement austerity measures. Regretfully, some of the health workers and other non- health workers will have to be retrenched. In the same manner, some of the medical doctors will have to be relieved of their duties to our Non- governmental organization. But do not lose hope, David Nicson (121) reiterated for those directly affected by the reduction in the disability recuperation services that are freely offered, your disability enhancement organization is moving mountains to search for other sources to replace the current reduction in the government funds.

Your organization is speedily searching for donations and pledges from private individuals and organizations. The search for new fund donors will bring back the prior services being offered within a month from this message. Initial talks with prospective donors have shown signs of positive output.

Your disability organization has already contacted several private individuals classified as philanthropists. Other individuals and organizations have also voice their intentions to allocate a certain percentage of their revenues to help your organization generate the necessary cash inflows. The cash inflows are needed in order to keep your organization alive and functioning well.

To function well, the organization has to generate enough cash inflows needed to pay for the daily operating expenses of your disability recuperation center. The prospective donors are allowed by the government to include the donations to charitable institutions, and non-governmental organizations to includes as part of the many allowable deductions from the total business taxes and individual taxes paid to the to the United Kingdom government every year. Many of the contacted prospective donors are more than eager to part with a certain percentage of their revenues.

Hoping for your understanding for the temporary cash inflow situation. Administrator Works Cited Fyson, R. (2004). Making Valuing People Work: Strategies for Change in Services for People with Learning Disabilities. Bristol: Policy Press. Hogelund, J. (2003). In Search of Effective Disability Policy. London: University Press. Nickson, D.

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