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of the Why I Want to Attend the Double Degree in International Business Program There are a number of countries that have proved to be veritable economic powerhouses. Globalization has ensured that business has become truly international. Undoubtedly, the Americans are past masters at management. Furthermore, the European Union or the EU has emerged as a very powerful economic force in the world of enterprise. Therefore, any academic program that combines American management practices with the business practices of the EU is bound to be unsurpassed in utility value. In order to achieve this extraordinary and pioneering combination, the Università Bocconi and the Central European University have come together to offer the Dual Degree in International Business.

This is a one of its kind European-American undergraduate program, which is a four year long program. This program is highly interactive and is conducted amidst a setting that has the new as well the old Europe for a backdrop. Participants in this course hail from approximately twenty – five nations and are professors, business professionals and students. It would be no exaggeration to declare that those who undertake this program will be able to mentally visualize any business problem from all possible angles.

In addition, they will acquire proficiency in the various nuances of international management. Moreover, students will be capable of comprehending truly global mindset. The program aims to prepare the future business leaders of Europe and the Asian economies to handle global development and integration. The Central European University’s origin in 1991 was at a time when Europe was emerging from cataclysmic events relating to the change of guard engendered by the collapse of the USSR and the abandonment of communism.

Many of the repressive and dictatorial regimes of the old order had been cast aside and people were seriously and enthusiastically engaged in rebuilding their nations. The CEU’s founding fathers were visionaries and former opponents of the repressive regimes that had been extant in Europe. This university has maintained the very same intellectual freedom, creativity and innovativeness that have characterized it from its inception (Central European University. An Introduction to CEU). As such it represents the zenith of Europe’s education.

The initial two years of this excellent program are to be conducted at Budapest’s Business School of the CEU. The Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi was established in the year 1902, in the main due to the patronage of Ferdinando Bocconi. It was the first Italian institution from which one could obtain a degree in economics. At the moment it is an internationally recognized institution for excellence in law, economics and business. The SDA Bocconi School of Management has won universal acclaim due to its outstanding programs in business. The last two years of this course are to be held at place, which is located in Milan (Bocconi.

History and Mission). Undertaking an academic program at Bocconi and CEU provides exposure to a mélange of cultures from all over the world. This provides a truly cosmopolitan environment, which is the nature of present day work environments. As such this program bestows the necessary skills to successfully perform and compete in the global market, with its cultural diversity. Works Cited Bocconi. History and Mission. 19 September 2006. 11 December 2007 . Central European University.

An Introduction to CEU. 2006. 11 December 2007 .

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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