Essays on The Effect of Using Celebrity Endorser Toward a Luxury Brand Research Proposal

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The paper "The Effect of Using Celebrity Endorser Toward a Luxury Brand" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. Working title: The effect of using celebrity endorser toward a luxury brand: a multi-method approach to studying the impact of endorser on the brand Definition and background context: Celebrity is an individual having wide public following and recognition and celebrity endorser is this individual when he supports a consumer good or a luxury or a non-luxury brand through an advertisement. A brand is an entity that is sought after equally by elite and common people. Endorsements are part of strategic initiatives used by companies to promote a brand and create a niche market equity for the brand being promoted. Background and managerial problem: Celebrity endorsements have been a popular advertising option among some of the world's best-known brands of recent years.

The notable few include Michael Jordan and Nike, George Foreman and The Foreman Grills, Bob Dylan and iTunes/iPod, Madonna and Versace and Jeff Gordon and Tage Heuer. The managerial problem of celebrity endorsements is the selection of the correct celebrity to promote a specific brand, and then selection of the correct campaign to run the endorsement. Rational/ justification for the project: The most important justification for doing this project is that celebrity endorsements act as a pervasive method of communication management.

While time and again celebrity endorsements as a means to sell a product come under frequent ethical scrutiny, there are many areas that need to be seen in an explorative manner to posit logical discussion in this area. In the process of exploration, this study may well provide an answer on how to handle the managerial problem. The case of Tage Heuer is given in this paper to explain the point briefly. Statement of the topic, aims, and objectives: This study aims to investigate the influence the celebrity endorsers have on a luxury brand.

It further intends to ascertain how a celebrity endorser exerts direct or indirect influence over the brand and its resulting growth among the consumers. The study would also see whether the attitude the consumers have towards the celebrity gets mediated through the brand. In the end, the study would also check if the celebrity endorser exerts an influence on the purchase intention of the consumer.

The study will contribute and draw on the current literature in this field and discuss theories governing the influence. Three primary objectives of the study would be as below: Study impact of celebrity endorsements on brands Study impact of celebrity endorsements on consumer purchasing behavior Study comparative effectiveness of non-celebrity endorsements vs. celebrity endorsements Research question: What is the impact of celebrity endorser on a luxury brand and how does it alter consumer’ s buying behavior.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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