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The paper "The Effectiveness of Internet Advertising of Lorna Jane" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Lorna Jane is a retail store dealing with fitness inspired clothes and accessories. The company has exploited online advertising before and consequently, the company’ s sales increased and they have expanded their stores across Australia and in 2012 established stores in the US and South Africa. The company’ s target population for their products are women who love the style and do not comprise style at work out. The company would be using internet marketing to increase the company’ s sales and improve its image globally.

The would adopt internet marketing strategies which include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, WebPR, Email Marketing. Furthermore, the business would employ a number of positioning strategize which include pricing, direct sales, among others. The effectiveness of internet advertising would be measured by the number of sales, web statistical data, a number of new leads. 1.0 Introduction This market plan is for Lorna Jane Company for use as a guide for planning and carrying out its internet marketing campaigns to promote its products and business image.

The market plan outlines the purpose and objectives of the market plan, customer research, competitor analysis, market entry strategies to be applied by Lorna Jane and finally an evaluation strategy for evaluating the effectiveness of the various applied internet marketing methods. 1.1 Mission Statement With the widespread usage of the internet, businesses have shifted from traditional advertising such as media, print and broadcast marketing to internet marketing which is convenient and has the ability to deliver a customized advertisement directly to the customer. Lorna Jane Company endeavors to expand its online promotion and consequently revenue from its products and service. Purpose The purpose of this marketing plan is to set the direction for Lorna Jane would take in promoting its products, build a customer base and determining any opportunities to increase profit (Mohammed, Fisher, Jaworski, & Paddison, 2003).

The plan would analysis the business’ s position in the market, identity competitors explore the various internet marketing strategies and define the action plan for the company to execute in order to meet its goals. Goals The business’ s goals are to: Increase sales by over 10% each year Expand its stores to major cities in the world Expand the online trading on the business products by 5 percent Make Lorna Jane a household name in the apparel industry 2.0 Situation analysis 2.1 Company description Lorna Jane Clarkson the founder of Lorna Jane company has established an industry where stylish women do not have to concession on fashion when they work out.

It is her innovative and creative spirit that has seen Lorna Jane, the brand, become a multi-million dollar business in just over two decades (Dotti. com. au, 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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