Essays on The Effectiveness of Service Marketing in Virgin Atlantic Case Study

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The paper "The Effectiveness of Service Marketing in Virgin Atlantic" is a great example of a case study on marketing. It is with sheer amazement that I get to stare at the horrifying assorted items that you encountered during your flight on a fateful day. As a customer, you deserve to be angry and irritated at the grueling state of service that was delivered to you in spite of your love for our brand Virgin. I begin by thanking you for being honest and standing out to express your views by being the voice of other customers who are voiceless.

It is unfortunate that this is not the first time that you get to experience the horrifying service and to my amazement, you still continue to be loyal to our brand. This is why your complaint is being treated at a high degree of priority to ensure that we deliver the best and outstanding service to our customers in order to remain competitive in the industry. Just as Richard Branson states, we believe in exceptional service delivery to our customers and the customer is always right when it comes to taste and preference of quality service.

You can rest be assured that a thorough investigation of the status of the quality of food being served on an airline is currently being investigated to find out the real root cause of the problem that surrounds the kind of reception that you had to endure. There are two key problems that are highlighted in your letter, which are poor onboard entertainment and the quality of food or snacks served to our esteemed customers. Richard Branson ensures that our employees undergo extensive training on the type of service they are expected to deliver and their performance expectations are regularly monitored to stay abreast of as the best and most efficient Airline in service delivery.

From the pictures that you took as evidence, they are a clear indication that “ somebody is sleeping on the job’ ’ because as an Airline that is not the standard that we have set for the brunches and entertainment. Our policy entails to extend and reach out to our customer needs by ensuring that their needs are met and they are satisfied in order to retain them just like any other business sets its objectives. It’ s my assumption that normally makes mistakes but not on purpose.

In our Airline for the success and reputation of its quality service, we depend highly on the voice and words of customers that will retain brand loyalty. In this regard, on behalf of Richard Branson and the Management we wish to apologize for the poor service delivery offered and in return we are kindly offering to give you a free upper-class suite two way return ticket to the destination of your choice among our fleet routes and give us your feedback on our new assorted brunches and onboard entertainment that you will find being offered onboard that flight.

This offer has been made on the assumption that you fly frequently either on business or pleasure and it has no limiting time factor. We hope that you will continue to fly with us and contribute more by sending us your opinions and comments on the success of service delivery.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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