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The paper "The Effectiveness of the Marketing Communications Mix" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. Audi automotive Company is a German luxury car company that has its sub-companies all over the world. The company has several competitors, for example, the BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz that also produce luxurious cars. In the past five years, Audi Car Company has developed a strategy to improve its performance and is now among the top competitors in the luxurious car brand market (Bernstein, 2010). In this paper, the main issue is the effectiveness of an integrated marketing communication mix.

In the quest to achieve their marketing aims, the company has to communicate with relevant people and institutions. Integrated marketing communication mix is a product of an integrated marketing communication plan which has to consider an analysis of the market situation results. The market situation considered in this case is competition between Audi Car Company and BMW. The two companies have in the past years been engaged in advertisement wars. The effectiveness of the integrated marketing communication mix (the adverts on TVs and Billboards) will be analyzed and recommendations made. Integrated Marketing Communication Mix Integrated marketing communications mix is a collection of marketing activities such as advertisements, public relations activities, sales promotions, and personal selling that re-appropriate for an organization’ s integrated marketing communication (Yeshin, 1998).

For one to understand the integrated marketing communication mix, it is important to first understand what integrated marketing communication is. Integrated marketing communication is a term that is used to refer to the management of a collection of communication and promotional activities in order to achieve organizational aims (Sirgy, 1998 & Pickton & Broderick, 2005).

For companies to make profits, they have to market their products and for them to market their products, there are certain activities that they have to be involved in such as research on the market about consumer behavior or responses to a product, determination of the needs of the consumer, development of strategies on how to meet the consumer needs, implementation of the ideas, monitoring progress of the implemented idea and control (MMC Learning, 2010 and Introduction to IMC, 2008). All these are under integrated marketing communication. It involves different activities other than communication alone. Pickton & Broderick noted that integrated marketing communication is a process that involves organization and management of the analysis, planning, implementation and control of the media, the promotional tools, the messages and the communication contacts of a specific audience in order to achieve specific corporate or product marketing objectives (2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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