Essays on Flight Centre Australia - Customer Satisfaction, Gap Analysis, and Market Prospects Case Study

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The paper “ Flight Centre Australia - Customer Satisfaction, Gap Analysis, and Market Prospects" is a  breathtaking variant of a case study on marketing. Customer service and customer satisfaction are some of the key elements of a company to be successful and maintain their clientele. This goes a long way in also helping the company to enhance its reputation and economic status. Failure to do this will lead to competition from other firms and one will miss out on the other, just because of customer dissatisfaction (Huang 2001). Flight Center Australia provides extensive travel options at the cheapest price available.

It is an independent travel agency in Australia. It provides flyer points redemption and traveler’ s cheque. Flight Center Australia helps to ensure that traveling. Among the services that it provides, flight air Australia provides cheap flights and holiday packages. It offers domestic becomes easier within the country. A variety of travel companies has listed their deals in the company. They offer a package deal and market for travel businesses to promote their deals to the customer (Web 2003). They have a team of consultants who are highly experienced, trained experts and dedicated to finding the travel deal for any destination and any budget that would fit anybody in the area.

These consultants organize flights, holidays, hotels, rail passes, cruises, coach tours, travel insurance, visas, and frequency range of prices on domestic flights to all destinations around the country, as well as international flights that are cheap, to a wide range of destinations worldwide. The company also has put up a website online which enables clients to save time and book both international and domestic flights.

The website also allows clients to compare airfares. The agency offers lots of holiday packages and deals for popular and exotic destinations throughout the world. The travel guides that the company offers has a wealth of information about various destinations that include where to stay, how to get around and what to see while someone is there. Most clients are able to book their flights, holidays and deals online. The company’ s website has a form that one should fill in their personal details and requirements for what they are booking, and it searches if the requirement is available.

It then provides related searches, which allows comparing prices. The client then enquires about it and takes it up with the company (Web 2003). For those who are not technologically aware, they could still visit their offices and all the processes, just as the website, but it is done manually. Customer Satisfaction Report on the Flight CenterThere was when I was looking for a good deal on a holiday package in Australia. I searched through their travel guide and got the deal that I was looking for.

The next step was to contact the travel specialists for booking the holiday since it was in high demand. The call did not go through, or if it did, I was put on hold most of the time. The recipient on the other end was also rude to me for insisting on calling, and that I should just wait for my turn. Since I needed to go for the holiday, I decided to go to their office and find out why they were not responding to my needs.

At the office, no one was willing to help me, since apparently; I was not one of their ‘ regular’ clients. I did not get the holiday deal and swore not to use the same agency again.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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