Essays on Improving the Management of Sydney Theatre Company Business Plan

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The paper “ Improving the Management of Sydney Theatre Company” is a perfect variant of the business plan on management. The process of managing a business is a platform, which assists all participants within a business to take part in the improvement of the business to ensure it attains its goals. The approaches for managing a business are usually provided by the managers of the business who offer guidance on the processes and designs of management. Business approaches enable participants to collaborate in processes within an organization to enable it to reach its goals (Reijers, 2003).

In the review of the management and design of the STC, it is the manager’ s roles to provide the robustness and the power required for accomplishing various missions of an organization. This would entail analyzing the structure and how management in the organization occurs. IntroductionOrganizational design is considered as a process whereby an organization aligns its mission with its structure. The STC organizational design has facilitated the investigation of the relationships between workflows, tasks, responsibilities, and authority. Harmonization of all these functions has been central in ensuring that the relationships reinforce the business objectives.

The design as adopted by STC has to be improved to facilitate productivity, communications, and innovation thereby creating an environment whereby individuals within the organization worked effectively (Reijers, 2003). Management processes are four in number and they include planning, directing, controlling, and organizing. These are to be developed to ensure that the company attains its goals even in the long term. Objectives of the ReportThe main aim of this report is to ensure that the management processes and designs currently used in the Sydney Theatre Company provide holistic management in the sense that the organization can manage its business processes in line with the customer’ s expectations.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the business should be promoted while the business strives for integration, innovation, and flexibility to ensure long term sustainability. Many businesses usually prepare reports on how to improve management operations and their organizational design to meet their main goals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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