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The Factors Influencing the Contemporary Tourism and Events EnvironmentIntroductionThere is a close relationship between contemporary tourism and environmental events. The extinction of world features such as the dinosaurs has taught the world one lesson; that they need to conserve the environment if the wildlife and other natural features have to continue being part of our environment. Since industrialization began, so much loss has been taking place on the environment, leaving the natural ecosystem at a very bad state. The need to address these issues has resulted in a flurry of both international and local events that are out to positively deal with these issues. Global WarmingGlobal warming is an issue that is of world concern today.

The world is experiencing challenges that have made it necessary to look at this issue with an aim of cubing the industrial emissions, and effluents from the industries. Global warming is not just impacting negatively on the current generation, but is threatening the existence of future generations. Global warming has affected both the developing and the developed countries; however, developed countries are the most industrialized. This means that their emissions impact more to the world, yet the effects are equally distributed.

The world has been grappling with ways through which these emissions can be reduced. The measures put in place have not been bearing much fruits. This issues bear form the basis arguments for this paper (Silver 2008). Justification: The effect of global warming forms the main motivating factor for this study. Given the life threatening impact of global warming, the researcher found that it is vital for study to be carried out on such issues, so as to sort out the outstanding issues.

The various challenges facing the process of dealing with this phenomenon needs to be studied, so as to find the bests ways of ensuring that the world is on course, in dealing with this challenge. This entails studying the current state of global warming and devising the best ways of dealing with the issues. The need to secure a good environment for the future generation pushed the drive to have this study carried out. Considering the current trend in global warming, the future generation is deemed to live in difficulty due to the ever increasing world temperatures.

The current society is characterized by the ever increasing levels of industrialization. This means that whatever, happens, the number of industries in the world will always be changing on the upward end. This motivates this study to ensure that there is balance between industrialization, and checking of the global warming level. Political leadership cannot be ruled out, when it comes to global warming and its effects. Countries of the world can only deal with this issue, if there is goodwill from the political leadership.

This forms part of the need to study Global warming and ways in which the political leadership, can contribute to amicably deal with this issue (Oxlade 2006, p. 213-250)GlobalizationGlobalization had played a great role as far as events environment is concerned. Today, the world speaks in one voice over global issues as it is easier to have consultation and discussions on environmental matters all over the world. The improved transport system has made it easy for leaders to organize international meetings that deal with environmental issues.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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