Essays on Issues with McDonalds's Performance and Reward Management Strategy and Practices Case Study

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The paper “ Issues with McDonalds’ s Performance and Reward Management Strategy and Practices”   is an exciting example of a case study on the management. Over the years, companies have tried to formulated and implement management strategies to enhance service delivery to customers (Trothers 2010). The following paper intends to discuss the quality, operations, and reward management policies by McDonald Company, which is one of the largest firms in the food industry across the world. The paper briefly discusses the three strategies, their connection as well as the impact on the achievement of McDonald’ s goals. Background of McDonald’ s StrategiesMacDonald is one of the famous food chains in the world.

Over the years, there have been issues raised against the company, which has not adversely affected the company (Pickford 2010). The company’ s management has worked hard to ensure an increase in sales. To ensure that the performance and sales of McDonald’ s are increased, the person in charge implements business strategies. The company employs various strategies in ensuring that it continues to attract new customers and improve its performance as well as maintaining its competitive advantage.

One of the strategies is the application of quality management mechanisms that led to phasing out of some of its chains. For example, the company eliminated the Super-Size French fries and soft drinks to create a positive reputation among the public. The move was due to the growing concern over the increase of fast food in the company’ s chains, which has been blamed for increasing the rate of obesity and other health issues in society. Other menu changes include switching to a sausage burrito and cinnamon roll as the main elements in the breakfast offerings for its customers. Further, the company also applies operation management to improve service delivery.

Operations management refers to the management of the available resources through planning, designing, controlling, improvising as well as scheduling the systems of the company and functions. The main aim is to ensure that the company is able to deliver on the primary products or services to the customers (Borones 2012). Operations management is core to the manufacturing and service firms by helping in the timely delivery of goods and services and achieving the goals in a cost-effective way.

The process involves the application of various functions such as design and industrial engineering, quality management, channel, and facility management, production management, improvising productivity, workforce management, improving customer services, enhancing product design, and operations research. McDonald's has applied operations management to ensure that the flow of services and quality delivery is integrated into all departments (Lebech 2009). One of the ways that the company has applied the strategy is by ensuring that the workforce is qualified enough to deliver quality services to customers.

On the other hand, the company has integrated technology to bring sanity and timely delivery of services. Besides applying the above strategies in improving the services to customers, McDonald's has enhanced the welfare of the workforce by using various strategies s in terms of incentives and general compensation systems (Reardon 2012). One of the strategies in the rewarding of employees is by following the "pay for performance" philosophy where employees are given incentives based on their performance and delivery. Employees have been promised greater pay opportunities if their results are better.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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