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The paper "Southwest Airlines Marketing Strategies" is an outstanding example of a business plan. Marketing is important for the survival of any organization. Even though marketing can at times inflict high costs on the organization, it establishes a major role in the long-term success of the business. Southwest airlines seek to expand its market and are considering Australia as a potential destination. This report analyses the company’ s profile, the industry, market analysis, competitor analysis, situation analysis, marketing strategies, and the marketing mix. The Industry The Australian airline industry is estimated to account for over $1.5 trillion in the country’ s economy and is therefore regarded as a critical component of the economy.

It creates many job opportunities and helps to connect communities. Thus, it is one of the most dynamic, diverse and baffling in the world despite it being capital intensive, labor-intensive and very competitive (Parliament of Australia, 2016). Company profile Southwest Airlines Company offers air transport services. The company has been in operation for 45 years with its headquarters based in Dallas, USA. The company employs over 46000 people and is renowned for its great customer service.

That’ s why Southwest Airlines serves over 100 million travelers every year across 96 destinations, both locally and internationally. The company is set to launch its 98th destination on June 5th, 2016. Today, Southwest Airlines is the largest low-cost carrier in the world and is the leading domestic carrier. Southwest manages just about 3,900 flights every day during the peak season. At present Southwest Airlines operates the largest fleet of Boeing airplanes, as in 2013 it had a fleet of 683 737-Boeing jets. The company has always reported year-on-year growth in profitability.

In 2015, Southwest Airlines posted $19 billion in total operating revenue and a net income of about 4 billion (Southwest, 2015). Market Analysis The Australian airline industry is characterized by stiff competition as airlines struggle to attract the rising demand driven by Asian travelers.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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