Essays on Small Regional Airline Providing Specialized Services for Business Commuters - Brisbane Jet Taxi Case Study

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The paper "Small Regional Airline Providing Specialized Services for Business Commuters - Brisbane Jet Taxi" is a good example of a marketing case study.   The topic chosen is important because of the changing lifestyle of people. Air transport is becoming essential because of rapid growth and development due to globalization. There are concerns about the air industry because of globalization and many opportunities available in the Brisbane region, in Queensland. Business opportunities are expanding; hence, commercial airlines are changing rapidly because it appeals to many people. Business or trading is the main economic activity that is currently booming not only in Brisbane region, in Queensland but also in other regions of the world due to globalization (Bossons, 2009, p.

63). The forecasted profits and growth in the market are what drives the air industry, especially in the Brisbane region, in Queensland. The behavior and the way people think is changing rapidly because of the increasing customer demand in the market. People who can afford to use airlines are increasing because of increased income levels or increased income per capita (Schmitt, 2010, p. 75). The possible customer experience for the past years have been analyzed and the weakest areas in the operation of the airline.

The Brisbane Jet Taxi is one of the leading airline commuter service providers in the region because of the improved customer services (Raymond, 2007, p. 230). This is in terms of affordable but competitive travelling charges, fair rates, and customer services that are of high quality compared to the other existing airlines in the global market such as those in the US, Singapore, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and other regions in the world.

In addition, it has improved baggage handling by putting in place electronic or IT tracking system. This is crucial because it separates the passenger handling and cargo; hence, improving effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability that will satisfy the customers. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of deployed and lost passenger baggage (Shaun, 2002, p. 90). The Brisbane Jet Taxi airline is becoming common because of its flexible and well-organized modulated timetable. It meets the needs of the customers compared to other airlines and airports in the world. This unique because it is not driven by the profits it makes but customer satisfaction.

Most of the clients are high-class people (wealthy businessmen and women) from all over the world. The improved relationship both diplomatically and in business has been sustained for long. Tourism is one of the factors that have attracted and made Brisbane Jet Taxi airline unique and famous in the region (Bossons, 2009, p. 65). Tourism is booming and the airline industry has utilized the opportunity by establishing a mutual relationship with tourists by improving the services. This has been sustained for the last 20 years due to increased influx of overseas and interstate migrants.

The mining industry is part of the tourist attraction that has attracted many tourists both locally and internationally (Raymond, 2007, p. 233). Most tourists have been booking the flights early because they are looking for quality services. The region around the airport has improved infrastructure such as roads and railway lines connecting residential areas where the customers rent the houses. These are the areas they will stay as they tour the region and business people conduct their transactions.

The economic growth of the airline industry in Australia is becoming lucrative due to economic stability and conducive environment for operating or conducting business (Schmitt, 2010, p. 76).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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