Essays on The Global Market Environment for Nestle Boost Case Study

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The paper "The Global Market Environment for Nestle Boost" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. The manner in which health issue is gaining prominence and consumers are looking towards healthy products has increased the demand for a health drink. This has made companies develop healthy drink which apart from being healthy in vitamin helps to fight various diseases and provides the required vitamins and nutrients which the human body requires (Green Fit, 2011). This will thereby increase the chances of success as the product will be able to provide nutrition to the people.

This is an area which Nestle Boost has looked to work on and develops a product which provides the basic nutrient the humans are looking for. This helps to find the following reasons for which the study has been conducted as to conduct a strategy development for Nestle Boost. This helps to identify the manner the external environment is influencing the working of Nestle Boost and the manner in which the internal environment helps Nestle Boost to develop its working. This also looks to identify the market size, the growth and the manner the environmental factors are having a role in shaping the performance of Nestle Boost. Background Information Nestle Boost is a nutritional drink that is to be launched in Australia and has chances of succeeding due to an increase in health-conscious customers and obesity which has increased the demand for such health drinks.

Also, the fact that the nutritional drink is rich in vitamins and will help in fighting against disease the chances of succeeding is very high. This report thereby looks into the manner nutritional drink will be accepted by the people by working in different directions. The market size of health-conscious drinks is on a rise as the demand for health drink is on a rise.

The Australian health care industry is growing rapidly and is expected to have a market based on value is around 1739.9 million which is bound to reach 3,687.5 in 2012 (Laishram, 2006). This will thereby provide an opportunity for Nestle Boost to capture the market as the people suffering from obesity and another health concern disease is on a rise.

Working on this area will ensure that Nestle Boost gets accepted by the people and will provide an opportunity to earn profits for the business. Nestle Boost needs to look towards developing a strategy where they are able to highlight the benefit that the nutritional drink provides. Further, working on the core strength and highlighting the customers that the drink is fit for consumption for people suffering from obesity at the same time provides vitamins which helps to fight against various disease will help to make the customer aware about their core strengths (Laishram, 2006).

This will help to clearly depict a picture on the mind of the consumer regarding the benefit that the customers will derive from the healthy drink.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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