Essays on The Impact of Branding on Customer Buying Behavior in Tobacco Industry in Azerbaijan Coursework

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The paper "The Impact of Branding on Customer Buying Behavior in the Tobacco Industry in Azerbaijan" is a good example of coursework on marketing. Azerbaijan has reported sales in tobacco courtesy of British American Tobacco. There have been increased sales of cigarettes from British American Tobacco especially with the introduction of a number of brands with ultra-lower and slimmer cigarettes. However, despite the rising levels of sales in cigarettes it is reported that many cigarette smokers are becoming more aware of health implications related to cigarette smoking. This has affected consumer behavior and many cigarette smokers are turning towards low and mid-tar variants in order to avoid health implications.

British American Tobacco has, on the other hand, improved its marketing strategy, especially in product branding to enhance its sales in Azerbaijan. This paper is going to discuss in detail how branding continues to affect customers' behavior. This paper further analyzes models and frameworks to discuss product branding and their effect on consumer behavior. In addition to this, the paper highlights various definitions of branding. It will further analyze brand equity in the second phase while including various literature reviews to enhance a good understanding of how consumer behavior affects branding.

This paper will also discuss the case of Azerbaijan and relate to the concepts discussed above in relation to the effect of branding on tobacco products and their behavior. 2.2 Understanding the Concept of branding American Marketing Association, defines branding as the design, sign, name or symbol meant to identify a good, product, and services and distinguish from one seller to another (Wood, 2000). According to this definition, branding is not just the concept of marketing your product and making it known but it is the concept of differentiating a product or a service from one seller to another.

According to the American Marketing Association, a good band must be able to deliver the intended message clearly in addition to confirming the credibility of the product or service (Mudie, 1999.). A good brand should also be able to connect your target prospects emotionally and motivate the buyer in addition to concreting customer loyalty (Weber, 2009). Since time in memorial, the brand has been seen as a part of the product to cause fashion.

With this in mind, communication strategy towards the brand has been working on exposing the brand image of a certain product. According to (Aaker & Joachimsthaler, 2000), the traditional way of branding was only concerned with building the brand image, which according to them was only leading to short-term results. According to (Kapferer, 1997), a brand is supposed to be disclosing hidden qualities of the product or the service that people cannot come into contact or see. According to (Davis Scott, 2002), the emotional nature appealing to the emotional nature of the customers, as they must feel that their money is giving them positive feedback.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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