Essays on The Impact of Individual Values in an Organization Coursework

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The paper "The Impact of Individual Values in an Organization" is a great example of management coursework.   Values are social, ethical and professional attributes of a character. It can be defined as things tremendously significant to either an individual or group (Vadim 2008) other people define value as what we consider to be correct. Mostly, many organizations have positive values that must be adhered to, and they include Professionalism, Caring, Teamwork, and Integrity also stewardship. While used wisely within the organization, values are extremely influential in making a proper judgment; also accessing they would be outcomes. In terms of an organization, values are the essence of what it stands for and should be the basis for a member’ s behavior.

A value differentiates between what is right and wrong and the act of either doing right or wrong is Ethics. (Alas 2009) The society is generally the pacesetter and thus, the first place to determine what is right or wrong. Values are the contributing factor that influences behaviors and feelings of all humans. There are different numbers of values that exist, and they contain Personal values, that provide a range of internal credit for what is valuable, significant, and constructive. These values are built by the immediate family members when a child is still developing.

This helps explain the common problems experienced by a human in order to survive. Besides personal values, there are cultural ones that are for the members of the society. The societal values are clearly identified by honoring those who have performed exceptionally well especially in sport, academics just to mention but a few. Individual’ s values are the most natural and it helps in evaluating the significance of a person over any other thing.

This value is in total support of democracy as it states that everyone has the right to determine what is acceptable. The family value happens to be the basic unit of the society as it ensures the continuity of the value and the practice of the family. (Antonio 2002) This set of relations value is maintained by tradition and belief. Professionally, people develop sets of values according to their profession, and each of these has its own standard which contradicts each other despite the fact that they are all crucial in performing and delivering to their expectation.

The national values are classified in a specific law that grants equality and justice to all citizens. After independence, every nation forms some values which keep changing with time and just like individuals, and families have to contend with each other for their survival, nations should do the same with other nations of the world. The moral values implementations are by the community and guarantee to keep people on the right path (Antonio 2002) these values are passed on from one generation to the next by the tradition.

Initially, the Values are meant for the smooth functioning of the state, but in the real sense, a compelling government should not impose any law on its citizens but they are expected to act accordingly. However, this is not always the case as most just laws are drafted by the leader who focuses primarily on their own interests instead of looking out for the majority’ s interest. This drift creates lives that are quite different whereby most people happen to be immensely strong and rich while the rest lives helplessly and poor.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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