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The paper "The Changes in Business Communication over the Last 20 Years" is a perfect example of business coursework. Many sites of social media are becoming commonplace with the advent of technology. Social media has many implications on businesses since it influences the business to consumer relationships both directly and indirectly. The social media has grown exponentially to give modernizations an opportunity to hold conversations with many global customers (Merrill, Lartham, Santalesa, & Navetta, 2011). Stelzner (2012, 5) found out in the research that about 83% of the business marketers appreciate the value of the use of social media in businesses.

This paper discusses the impact of social media on business and how the mode of communication can be used to address the issues that influence them. The Changes in Business Communication over the Last 20 Years Modern media is making a large impact on all people’ s lives today. The media has infiltrated both into the professional and personal aspects of life. Social media is used over the internet inactive and personal forms. The popular examples of social media sites that attract people’ s attention include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, various podcasts, blogs, and live streams.

Still, organizations, businesses, communities, and even the government also interact and access their stakeholders using social media. Social media have both advantages and disadvantages and they have recently raised concern due to their potential that they hold for abuse. As such, measured need to be put in place to ensure their responsible utilization. Within the past 20 years, social media has become a global phenomenon that is an interface among a milliard people where entities exchange, create and share ideas and information.

The development of internet technology has facilitated the interactive platforms of social media where entities modify, create, and publish content that is generated independently. Technologists have used innovative media and web 2.0 concepts to develop blogs, wikis, video-sharing sites, and social networking sites. An increasing number of people across the world interact and communicate, use various web-based tools, share interests, disseminate information, and interact with each other. Social media has several characteristics. Participation in social media constitutes the stimulation of people to communicate and interact with each other.

Open social media constitutes the kind that has few barriers and with an open system. The conversation of social media involves two-way communication. Community social media supports communities. Connectedness social media uses resources, people, sites, and links (Juriš ová , 2013, 404). Facebook, Cyworld, and MySpace are the social networking websites that are becoming the primary media for communication for the digitally literate growing generations. The growth of such sites is driven by readily available internet-enabled multimedia services, the maturing social software, and high broadband penetration. The sites have penetrated to the growing number of enthusiastic users.

The advertisers, companies, and consumer product companies have developed a tremendous interest in the social media as they aspire to use it to build brand loyalty, reach out to customers, and communicate with the partners, suppliers, and employees who are geographically dispersed (Dam, Nelson, & Lozinski, 2008, 4).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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