Essays on The Impact of Supply Chain Partnerships on Supplier Performance Assignment

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The paper "The Impact of Supply Chain Partnerships on Supplier Performance" is a good example of a business assignment. The article “ The Impact of supply chain partnerships on supplier performance: an empirical study of the UK fresh produce industry” was originally written by Andrew Fearne and Rachel Duffy, members of Imperial College, in the University of London. Rachael is a student at the imperial college with a major focus on researches detailing issues in the food supply. Her effort for the research topic is her pursuit to successfully complete her PhD program course and graduate at that level.

On the other hand, Andrew Fearne is a lecture at Wye College where Rachael is pursuing her PhD program. He is a senior lecturer with a principal in Food industry Management, at the University of London. Additionally, Andrew graduated from Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Kingston Universities with main research interests being in supply chain management, market research and consumer behavior one of the broad reasons that he worked with Rachael in completing her research in the same field. He has further qualifications, which grant him the honours of producing outstanding research in this field with his qualifications as an editor of an international journal addressing both research and practice issues related to food-supply chain issues, namely, Supply chain management Journal. It is worth noting particularly that this article has documented less evidence in the correlation between buyer-supplier relationships gauging from the prospects of other works in the same field.

In general, the article less attempts to enumerate the outcomes of ideal moves to massive collaboration among retailers and their successive suppliers. These paucities in this article imply that a deductive investigation ideally of the nature of relationships between buyer and supplier, as well as their repercussions for performance, would perfectly be of use as a contribution, to both inter-organizational theory and the full knowledge of partnerships between retailer and supplier, particularly in the UK-food industry.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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