Essays on The Impact of Web Analytics on E-Commerce on Management, Technology, and Organizational Case Study

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The paper “ The Impact of Web Analytics on E-Commerce on Management, Technology, and  Organizational” is a fascinating example of the case study on information technology. Web analytics is an important business strategy that has enabled the booming of businesses it exposes it to all the emerging markets of all world. This is the best marketing line for both traditional and current businesses. This requires effective management which will only be effected by the use of good managers. This will not only impact the local but also the global environments.

Hence, it must incorporate multicultural components for diversity as an interpretation of different languages that can be understood by the clients in all the places of the world. This also calls for the understanding of the business models and concepts for the proper management of the business, this includes the business cultures and leadership models and above all, the business code of ethics because it defines the relationship between the clients and the business and hence the competitiveness. Web analytics is one such model in business, it is a model that spells out how a business can be done and sustain itself by giving indicators on the position of the business in the value chain.

Therefore, it is the perspective of this paper to identify the impact of web analytics especially on E-commerce and the associated results. This will be the basis of providing solutions on similar web analytics and other web-related issues. IntroductionWeb analytics is the practice of collecting measuring, analyzing and reporting of information that can be trapped on internet for the value in comprehending and applying the web optimization usage. It is analyzes the impact of a website on its users.

This is a system that is important in determining the traffic on the websites. Managers of E-businesses rely on web analytics to carry out market research as well learn how to determine and improve the effectiveness of their websites. It has various business applications that promotes e-marketing through business advertising campaigns (Kohavi, Mason & Zheng 2004). The web analytics provides precise information about the visitors and the pages viewed which are recorded by use of programs on the websites.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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