Essays on The Impact That The 2012 Olympic Games Could Have On An Organisation In Bedford Assignment

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The impact of 2012 Olympic games in BedfordIntroductionThe framework of evaluation for the 2012 games provides guidance and forms a structure that assesses the range of impacts associated to the preparation, delivery and the legacy of the games. Louth (2005) describes that this framework has been developed through extensive consultations for example from the past years and using the members who were involved in the 2007 organisation group. This is by reviewing the then available strategies used and planning for the issues that were not achieved. This framework is to be adopted by all the organisations and the leading bodies in order to prepare for the effective delivery.

Associations will be expected to approve the structures and used the framework for relevant evaluations. This study evaluates the importance of developing an evaluation for the 2012 games to the organisations. It also shows the objectives and the principles used of the framework. Rationale for developing the evaluation framework for 2012 gamesIn order to plan for public spending and policy, the investments and activities associated to the 2012 Olympic Games and its legacy have to be broadly assessed.

Evaluations form an important component in the public scrutiny and are used as a tool for developing and designing public delivery. According to London Assembly Environment Committee (2010) evaluations provide suitable content to various audiences for example to the general public, the media, politicians and academic learners. Evaluation also improves policy knowledge for example by assessing the outcomes of policies and linking them to the activities and resources used. Evaluations also offer considerations of the effectiveness and efficiency of policy development therefore showing better understanding of designing and delivering policies in the future.

It also offers and opportunity to develop and evaluate various methodologies used in measuring outcomes. This is important for the development of new techniques and it also enables evaluators to learn and practice various techniques and practices (Adams and Parmenter, 1995). The 2012 Games has effects on particular social groups including women, disabled, young people, and BME communities. Some projects will also pose some impact on the entire population for example there will be increased economic development. Parts of the population will benefit for example the disadvantaged groups will get employment opportunities and the neighbouring communities of East London will benefit from physical activity programmes.

The pre-games impacts include construction phase, increased costs and visitor impact in the run up of the games. The impact caused during the games include those related to the revenues for example from the staging the games, the impact caused by visitors, and the cost incurred in staging games. The post games impact include the legacy effect which involves an improved profile of the city therefore attraction of more visitors.

The other effect is legacy of infrastructural development which is to provide value for years after the Games. About BedfordBedford or borough is a county town of Bedfordshire that is found in the East of England. This is a large town and provides administrative services to the wider Borough of Bedford. Hodgkinson (2007) show the population is about 80,000 around town which was estimated in 2005 while the wider population is in the rural area where there are about 155,000 people. The name Bedford was invented from a chief called Beda and a ford was used crossing River Great Ouse.

It is a small agricultural town with wool being an important crop in the industry. The town was the England’s lace makers main centre who were skilled for example Flemings. As the largest town in Borough of Bedford, it is led by an elected mayor and the county is divided into 10 wards. Bedford has a maritime climate though the range of temperatures is limited and rainfall is even throughout the year.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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