Essays on The Importance of Effective Communication for Business Expansion Literature review

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The paper "The Importance of Effective Communication for Business Expansion" is a perfect example of a business literature review. Communication is very important in today’ s turbulent business environment. Although product knowledge and sales efficiency are crucial for organizations seeking to expand, this knowledge can be rendered useless if there is no clear understanding of what the organization seeks to achieve in the marketplace (Barker and Camarata 1998). Effective communication has become critical for businesses that wish to expand in a diverse and competitive environment. It is necessary for organizational members to understand and internalize the aspects of communication in ensuring more customer attraction, increased sales, stronger business relationship, enhanced professional image as well as steadier workflow. Effective communication is thus used as a tool to announce, explain or prepare individuals for change and preparing them for positive and negative effects of the impending changes.

The purpose of this report is to analyze and discuss the importance of both effective internal and external communication for business expansion. Importance of effective communication Rizvi (2008) notes that the vision of expanding the business should be communicated effectively since it will be eventually translated into concrete actions by the organizational members.

Effective communication also clarifies the future state of the organization in terms that are concrete and relevant for the organization participants at all levels as well as the customers and other stakeholders. The discussion of the importance of effective communication will be categorized into two parts: internal communication and external communication. Effective internal communication According to Gillis and IABC (2011), internal communication is the communication process that takes place within the organization. While expanding the business, it is necessary to equip the employees with the intention of the expansion, new methods of operation through effective communication.

This ensures an easy adaptation to the changes that may occur during the process.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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