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The Importance of IT Auditing to E-Business Commerce In this information technology based era to maintain business continuity, audits are considered as a decisive element of the rules and regulations and traditional values in the organizations. In most cases, these are the audit personnel who will effectively discover that whether an organization is following the laws and principles which it has to tackle. In view of the fact that the electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the process of running the business activities through web based framework. Thus, IT auditing mechanism plays a vital role into various domains of the business.

In addition, it is also important to know that how the IT audit procedure is adopted as well as how well auditors control this procedure in ecommerce business is imperative. Since IT audit to e-business notifies IT executives how to set up an architecture which is amenable as well as easy to audit ecommerce (Canning, 2006; McLarty, Davis, & bhatia, 2011). IT auditing to e-commerce business offers the means of gathering and assessing the indication to discover that whether the system as well as related business services sufficiently defend resources, uphold data reliability and offer pertinent and consistent business data and critical information.

The purpose here is to competently attain the business goals of the company, inexpensive utilization of business services and exploiting in-house management methodologies. In order that it offers realistic assertion that business functional purposes are proficiently managed and attained, as well as that offers security beside unfavorable actions otherwise the time they are noticed as well as their influences on the right moment (The ecommerce, 2011). In this competitive world of information technology a lot of organizations experience confront of integrating e-commerce into their valuable products and services. In this scenario, the IT departments motivated long-ago the assignment of reforming legacy system and started paying their concentration on facilitating the company performs its business dealings through web based application.

Thus, browser-dependent order entry processing, B2B and B2C technology and same level situations turned out to be the frenzy. Moreover, various famous businesses attempted to come up to "latest era" internet for instance Amazon. com and e-bay (Burr, Gandara, & Robinson, 2010). In addition, for a lot of IT auditors to e-commerce, flexibility was the decisive factor to endurance throughout this time. In this scenario, IT Auditors to e-commerce facilitated-companies were needed to offer efficient contribution to development staff, by enabling administration explained e-business, the entire at an intense swiftness. Additionally, the swift transformations and augmenting requirements produced vital contests for a lot of IT audit procedures, for a time necessitating innovative techniques of considering about the IT audit procedure to e-commerce business (Burr, Gandara, & Robinson, 2010). Moreover, Morgan Stanley realized the importance of IT audit, as their company in IT audit sector practically tackled the contests offered by the e-business rumble by adapting business techniques to this exclusive type of e-commerce.

In this scenario, business booming policies and processes for e-business audits facilitated to meet the swiftly varying requirements of business customers and to maintain the company apprised of e-business associated threats and management (Burr, Gandara, & Robinson, 2010). Furthermore, an important impact of IT audit to ecommerce business facilitated like a successful structure for functioning with business customers/clients on innovative schemes.

Additionally, the IT audit offered a method of implementing business audit knowledge to activities those shifted quickly as well as facilitated the e-commerce to present threat and manage leadership to those who are concerned in e-commerce business. So in this scenario business implemented IT audit to e-commerce structure with a sophisticated assessment that permitted the business to exclusively focus on administration problems and swiftly recognize prospects for development that could be influenced throughout the company (Burr, Gandara, & Robinson, 2010). The moment an organization establishes its e-commerce business that e-business is required to be frequently audited and the value of IT audit is considered there.

Considering the necessity of IT audit to e-commerce business a lot of issues emerge. This type of audit is carried out in a different manner as compared to the traditional audit paradigms. However, from the information hacker, who modifies company’s website to human resources who browse for pornography material.

Moreover, starting clients service representatives who offer everything however to e-commerce business web sites those get orders for missing products (Keyes, 2004; Lapelosa, 2011). The role of IT audit to e-commerce business system is not contrasting some other computer system. IT audit has definite procedures such as credit card transactions as well as things such plane ticket as well as display the movement of business data and information between the entities via specified procedures defined by IT audit.

In e-commerce business we generally employ Internet links and business have rather a complicated framework. Here IT auditor will require a mechanism to this framework to discover that is there any linkage problems associated with e-commerce business activities (Keyes, 2004; Lapelosa, 2011). Hence IT audit to e-commerce business an absolute framework, which offers straight details, and different business related issues. The moment the initial approach has been finished that is analyzing the e-commerce business system; the IT auditor is able to experience company’s momentum in a consistent systematic way.

A lot of issues are considered in IT audit to e-commerce business. Moreover, the responses to the issues considered from the decisive data gathered are utilized to develop final IT audit assessment (Keyes, 2004; Lapelosa, 2011). The internet is considered as an entry point to perform e-commerce business transactions and distinguished as an imperative element of business framework. Additionally, divergent IT resources pertaining to e-commerce should be audited for performance. In addition, the IT audit to e-commerce business is perceived to be a decisive element of the e-business development.

It is suggested that IT audit to e-commerce business capability should be carried out as a minimum on yearly basis. However, if the e-commerce business web site is customized persistently subsequently the IT Audit has to be performed regularly. Furthermore, conducting an effective IT audit to e-commerce business is reliant upon huge aspects and overlooking such aspects may spoil the e-business and offers less performance to the business activities (Keyes, 2004; Lapelosa, 2011). References Burr, T., Gandara, M., & Robinson, K. (2010). E-commerce: auditing the rage; auditors at Morgan Stanley share a unique control framework developed during the dot-com craze.

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