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The paper “ The Importance of Quality Planning” is affecting the example of the research paper on management. The world is experiencing rapid technological advancements that are reducing it to a global village. This means that markets are being opened up to the occasion of global competition. Organizations are currently faced with stiffer competition than ever before and this means that they have to initiate plans and policies that can help them cope with the competition. Their action plans have increasingly integrated quality planning as part of their strategies of competing effectively.

This is the subject of this research. The paper will examine the benefits that are associated with the integration of a quality plan as part of an organization’ s management plan. The study has relied heavily on qualitative methodologies. It discusses its research problem in elaborate length and depth in the literature review acknowledging the advantages and disadvantages of quality planning. The research depended on secondary sources of research. This means that most of the methods were those used by the sources this research was based on which were majorly questionnaires and interviews. The results showed how organizations are stampeding toward the use of quality plans in their strategic planning.

It indicates that those organizations that already had adopted the quality planning do better in satisfying their customers and sustaining a consumer fan base. It makes the study run into the conclusion that quality planning offers greater customer satisfaction, allows for more market share, and is important in increasing sales that lead to higher profits. IntroductionQuality planning is an essential part of any organization, institution, or company. It deals with how the institution prepares itself to ensure that it does everything within the production process to guarantee consumer satisfaction.

As a concern of a production unit or company, everything is supposed to be thought beforehand from the inputs, manufacturing or processing and to the end product and ensure that the output meets the set criteria. Quality planning in an organization is not an occasion but a process which should not be separated from the production but be made to inhere in the process of production at every stage of it.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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