Essays on The Importance of Website Designing to Ensure Better Interface in Online Gaming Industry Coursework

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The paper "The Importance of Website Designing to Ensure Better Interface in the Online Gaming Industry" is a brilliant example of coursework on e-commerce. The growth witnessed in the online gaming industry has made many organizations look towards investing in the business model. The world gaming industry has undergone rapid changes and with the development witnessed in technology the adaptability towards online games has increased. People of different ages are looking to play games online due to their enjoyment and feel that people get while playing. The online gaming industry has transformed and makes people playing the game feel as if they are present themselves by making visuals in such a way that it gives a real feel.

This has made people of all ages shift towards the online gaming industry and the changes being witnessed by the world in this direction have many takers. The development seen in the gaming industry has resulted in many organizations to look towards it and develop their business model which helps to multiply the experience the customer is looking for. This has made the defense forces to look towards using different games while hiring people so that they visualize the actual feel they will have when they join the forces thereby helping the defense force to hire the correct manpower. Purpose of the Report To draw a marketing plan for an online gaming industry To identify the target customer base and the market for the online gaming business To identify the marketing strategy and the manner online gaming industry uses its website to market their products To provide a basic description of the contents of a website along with design, color, and others which will arouse the interest of people towards this industry Online Gaming Industry The online gaming industry has seen widespread growth as more and more people are preferring the mode.

The importance of online gaming has further grown due to the growth witnessed in Facebook which has made more people using this site have some association with online games (Online Games, 2011). More people are looking towards online games as it requires less time compared to consoles where people have to follow a process but websites allow people to jump to games and enjoy the one they like. It has also been witnessed that the interactive market i. e.

internet gaming industry is bound to multiply three times from the present $18 billion to $64 billion (Online Games, 2011). The growing importance of the online gaming industry has made the different websites look towards developing their websites and providing access to different games which helps the players to enjoy the games as if they are playing originally. The manner in which the online industry has ensured that the different organizations based on it can design their business model thereby benefitting the company.

The defense forces can also ensure that they use it and develop their strategy which helps them to recruit people in such a way that they feel part of the forces.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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