Essays on The Important of Pets Essay

The paper "The Important of Pets" is an amazing example of an essay on social science. A huge amount of money spent and the widespread ownership of pets gives an indication of the benefits that pet owners receive from pets' companionship. Pets that have been trained to guide the blind provide an obvious critical benefit to man. In addition, they also provide unconditional love.

Reduction of cardiovascular disease. According to recent reports, researchers argue that pets may slow down the risk of acquiring heart disease and also it may slow down the advancement of the disease. (Friedman 3)
Reduction of stress and anxiety. According to Friedman, the friendly animal may cause short-term anti-anxiety and anti-arousal effects. The lower a person's level of stress, the smaller the response to a given stressor (Friedman 6).
Social benefits. Animal companions can greatly facilitate the pet owner to connect with other people easily. According to Lynett, companion animal readily elicits warm responses, even from unfamiliar passers-by (Lynett 5)
Helping children with learning and other disorders. Researchers have found out that children who have a problem learning things can be assisted by pets in discovering their hidden talents. In addition, it has also been found out that autistic children who rely on non-verbal communication, interact better with pets (Lynett 6).
It improves the human lifestyle. Pets such as dogs help man do exercise as a result of the processes the pet owner reduces weight and hence reduce the risks associated with heavyweight (Lynett 7).
Pets have various benefits such as increased responsibility, good time management, and improve health. In addition, they also enable humans to learn to care about one another.