Essays on The Influence Of Immigration On Construction Industry In The UK Assignment

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XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLectureXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx28th July, 2012. IntroductionThe discussion on immigration seems to be making more news headlines in the recent years. As the world changes to a global village, boundaries are now free to cross allowing easy flow of products, goods and human resource. Immigration is therefore the movement of people from where they stay to another place which they intend to have long term permanent stay in the area. Two major factors that cause immigration are push and pull factors. Push factors are those causes that make someone to shift from their own country and pull factors are those that that are influenced by the host country some of them which may include higher living standards than those in their country or high payment rates.

In the construction industry the impact on immigration is negative and positive. The negative yet positive factor that can be caused by people being concentrated in one place is that the population will raise which I turn will lead to an increase in demand for public amenities that are limited and with no doubt affect the construction industry because there will be need to build more houses.

In the discussion of the effects of immigrants in the construction industry in the United Kingdom (UK), we are going to place major focus on its impact in terms of health and safety, communication, skills, prices of housing, economic activities and the fiscal impact. SafetyResearch carried out indicates that the largest industry in the UK is the construction industry and with this it employs seven percent of the labor force in the entire nation (Browne 2012, pp. 27). It also contributes to twenty percent of the deaths reported in the country.

In the construction industry, many physical activities take place hence there are often cases of injuries and illnesses compared to other industries (Browne 2012, pp. 47). Despite these negative effects, a lot of immigrants have found employment out of this industry. Many injuries and deaths experienced in this industry have been attributed to lack of training and little or no experience in the workplace. It has also been noted that the workers do not put on protective gear when doing their work as this would protect them in cases where they are exposed to objects falling, electrocution and dealing with heavy objects (Spencer, Ruhs & Anderson 2007, pp. 32).

To reduce the many accidents that are taking place, accidents should be reported when they occur and this will foster intervention of the authority with regard to safety measures to be taken. CommunicationAnother impact in the construction industry is the communication. This is because there is misunderstanding on the language used by the host country and there raises a problem when the immigrants do not understand the native language hence a barrier in communication.

There is need of a translator in the workplace and this increases the cost of production because there is payment of an extra cost (Spencer, Ruhs & Anderson 2007, pp. 81). There is also a disadvantage in hiring a translator due to cases of misinterpretation of information communicated. With the immigrant construction workers in existence, it enhances an atmosphere of proper flow of communication and the acquisition of financial capital due to the relationship between the immigrants and the construction industry.

With their existence, the immigrants will enhance easy communication network among all the workers. Though they pose a problem in the industry, they also benefit the industry by creating a platform for better communication among the workers. The main effect with the immigrants is the inability to communicate with the natives of the host country effectively posing a serious problem in the industry (Spencer, Ruhs & Anderson 2007, pp. 102). However the advantage is that they create a good network of communication among their co workers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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