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Effects of violent media on Children & YouthIntroduction: Video games are considered the heart of modern technology. Moreover, they have become a real phenomenon in our societies. Unfortunately, the people who use violent electronic games are mainly children. Video games attract children with their drawings, colours, characters, fantasies and adventures. These video games have developed to include aspects of violence and sex. Video games have become widespread; they have flooded the markets with different types. They are found nowadays in most of homes. Video games have become the main concern for today's children.

It is possible to see them glued for an hour beside electronic screens; focusing and interacting to achieve the victories. The experience of violent video games enhances physiological arousal and aggression-related ideas and feelings. Also, playing violent video games reduces pro-social behaviour. THESIS STATEMENT: This paper will discuss the issue of violet video games and how these games affect the school performance, aggression, health and social behavior and relationships of violent video games users in negative way. Effects of Video Game on School PerformanceEffects caused by video games on school performance are adverse for children, parents and teachers.

Children and adolescents addicted to video games spend most of their time playing instead of studying for exams or doing their homework. The video games are now available online at no costs and this makes video games the most popular among children and teenagers who skip classes to play their favorite games with friends or strangers online. According to Walsh et al. (2003), poor school performance is associated with many different causes but the major cause is the addiction of playing video games.

Children, adolescents and even college students who spend a lot of time or money on video games as compared to studying have low grades in English (Walsh & Gentile 2001). Gentile (2003) further explains that the content in the video games are also the main cause of poor school performance in children, adolescents and college students. According to Paschke et al. (2001), students who are addicted to video games will always spend time playing as compared to reading or even having school based discussions with friends.

Video game addiction comes after students have mastered the art of playing these games online with strangers across the world. This addiction prevents them from developing academically but they will have superior skills on the video games because they dedicate their time and energy on the games as compared to school work. This form of addiction has adverse effects on the mentality of students who are in school. They put the games as their ultimate priority and other areas in life are neglected because of the fun derived from online video games with different people and different rules each day.

Most of the video games have been created from scripts written in urban street language which is far from correct English. Most students who listen to and play video games are constantly exposed to this form of language and they will write their exams and even start speaking the language. Students like to be associated with street slang especially if it comes from a popular game but they are not aware of the effects of this language in their English grades.

There are video games that show violence, drug peddling and also car chases all which are very irrelevant in the life of a student. Those students who use the computer and online research for school work perform better than the ones who waste time playing video games all day and night.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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