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The paper "The Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. The IMC campaign will focus on two basic groups within the age bracket of 28-40. These are those who are focused on work and career and those who are more interested in the traditional role of wife and mother. The first group is likely to have a higher economic background, athletically active and thus bound to attend and participate in professional sporting events. In addition, they are highly fashion-oriented and their lifestyle revolves around style, status, and recognition.

On the contrary, the group that is more interested in the traditional role of wife and mother has a relative economic background, less inclined to sporting activities as well as limited sensitivity to style and fashion. This is based on the fact that they tend to concentrate much of their efforts on home management. Against this backdrop, the group which is focused on work and career is bound to exhibit more acceptance of the special organic cosmetics and beauty products. This is primarily based on their lifestyle and socio-economic set-up as analyzed above.

This target group is chosen for this analysis. Demographic profile In regard to gender, the target group is basically comprised of women with an age distribution of between 28 and 40 years. This group is multi-ethnic with the members being drawn from diverse races and cultural orientations. In addition, they are mainly married with few numbers of children to take care of. In regard to occupational and educational attainment, this group is highly literate which greatly influences their media preference. They are distributed within a wide array of occupations but primarily in formal employment. All these demographic characteristics inform their job satisfaction level as well as their marketing trends.

This fact is supported by Culpan and Wright (2002, p. 787) who determined that the demographic characteristics like the level of education number of children and the marital status greatly influence the level of job satisfaction among women in managerial positions. On the other hand, the socio-economic background of the women in this category is usually high as mentioned in the previous section. Geo-demographic profile The work and career women in this age bracket primarily reside in urban areas where their occupations are based.

They also exhibit high mobility rates based on workplace dynamics like transfers and promotions. Life cycle stage This age bracket of women perhaps forms the largest segment of women in formal workplaces and they are characterized by the zeal to make a feasible balance between family and work responsibilities. Consequently, this influences their career choice which has received increased attention of the media in the recent past.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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