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The paper 'The Interest in Pharmmadix' is a wonderful example of a business assignment. Pharmmadix should revisit the terms and conditions that they have with the salespeople. It should clearly determine whether the salespeople are employees or independent contractors from the type of relationship and the financial controls. Pharmmedix should first determine who should be in control. If it intends to treat the salespeople as independent contractors, then they should not control, in any way, their methods or how they perform their work. It should also not mind the time they work and how they work.

Pharmmedix should also clearly define who would be the supplier of the tools, equipment, and materials required. If it intends to treat the salespeople as independent contractors, it should not supply the materials used, including the gifts, dinners, and enticements. As a matter of fact, Pharmmedix should not care how the salespeople entice their clients. The only interest to Pharmmedix should be the results of the work delegated to the salespeople. It is also important that no limits be set on the area that the salespeople should cover.

Besides this, Pharmmedix should check whether the job is integral for it; then, the salespeople shall qualify to be employees. The business should also consider the guidelines that are found in the Fair Labor Standards Act. All this information put together will clearly define whether the salespeople are employees or independent contractors (“ Independent contractor or employee, ” 1999). Question 2 My ruling would be that Sparkev should respect Very Cool Music's decision to turn in his application. This ruling is focusing on the interests of both Very Cool Music and Sparkev.

Very Cool Music has a major aim of creating sales of hip-hop and rap CDs to the youths. This interest will require strategies, which will create attraction to the youths. Moreover, the salespeople required should suit the genre of the music they are creating sales for. Sparked, on the other hand, is seeking a position that will supplement his social security.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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