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Generally, the paper 'Analysis of Research Papers" is a good example of a management assignment. The article puts up a discussion on different staffing policies adopted by different organisations. It also identifies numerous issues related to this level of policies, especially for international assignments. Such issues are addressed in regards to how they hinder expatriates from conducting their respective duties and responsibilities. It further puts a discussion on challenges that arise from aspects related to dual-career expatriates, which are defined as personnel that psychologically attached to their immediate careers apart from earning regular flow of income (Althuizen, 2012).

Subsequently, it also addresses the issues that arise due to the international assignment selection process. It puts emphasis on evaluating this type of personnel so that the findings could be used in the future to select and create a potential candidate within the positions that have been laid out. In essence, the analysis is attributed to such aspects as technical competencies, personality traits as well as their respective capacities to cope up with different operational settings probably in newer areas (Lund, & Degen, 2010). Günter K.

Stahl & Rosalie L. Tung (2014) The article notes that there is little or no direct evidence that supports the claim that cultural disparities could be the rationale behind the ever-growing concerns for conducting international levels of business. The authors indicate that there has been increased evidence that postulate the fact that cultural distance and diversity are two aspects that relate to a double-edged phenomenon in the course of conducting international businesses (Bidwell & Keller, 2014). Prior to intensive research, the authors have come to the conclusion that the articles published in the old era tend to extend negative assumptions in comparison to newly published articles.

In truth, the newly published articles have continued to indicate a positive perception towards the influence of culture on international business assignments (Koopmans, et al, 2014).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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