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IT IndustryInformation Technology is the system by which data is made, processed and stored on computers by the use of networking, defined processes, and technology. It includes gathering, retrieving and allocating information. Information Technology is instrumental in many fields including healthcare, hospitality and the public sector. Information technology involves the use of advanced technological systems in everyday life to create systematic ways or storing, processing and sending information. It is an integral part of daily life and applies to almost every aspect of modern day living. Information Technology has evolved over some years unto where it has currently reached.

The first ever used computers were giant calculators that were capable of processing and changing numbers and finally expanding them and processing the information received. These were used mostly on such platforms, as airlines and travel agencies (Pinkerton, 2015). Technically, there were computers created until around the 1980s, when the first original model emerged. This was when the first PC occurred for use. The PC applied well to home-based activities and was a simple mainframe. Currently, a new phase of evolution in IT is underway with the development of new systems and new concepts in the world of IT.

These new systems consist of the latest gadgets and technological advances in the field of IT. The development of IT has led the development of computer and network technology that has operated by new dimension in computer program handling and management. Furthermore, the introduction of more efficient processors has enabled quicker work input. Information Technology is a broad aspect and it in itself consists of several components. These components are the several defined structures that form the basis of information technology and help to define the field (Preston, 2013). Each one of them is equally significant to the basic operations of the IT Sector, and therefore without them then IT would be incomplete.

They all make up an integral part of the normal function of any unit of technology that runs on the IT mechanisms and principles. Computer TechnologyComputer technology is a vital entity in the transmission of information and the processes that it comprises. The ability of advanced systems to efficiently index services to computerized databases enables the efficient relay of information from one medium to another.

Furthermore, this device performs multiple operations and giving out a set of instructions at high speeds (Revard& Aubert, 2014). The storage capacity of a computer can enable the access to a large number of characters of data in its storage. Furthermore, the processing and storage unit of this machine can access information from anywhere in the globe in an instance. Computers have improved over the last few years, and though they are relatively cheaper in price, they have better memory, faster processors, and computational speed.

These computers have precision, accuracy, speed and can manipulate large amounts of data in short time frames. Furthermore, these machines can be categorized into four groups that are mainly; microcomputers, microprocessors, minicomputers, mainframe computers and supercomputers. Computers themselves have evolved over time, from the first generation computers to the fifth generation computers, and the current latest generation of computer is capable of efficiently handling larger volumes of data at quicker speeds. The ability of computers to solve many of man's problems has a lot to do with the many improvements to the equipment, as well as the additional gadgets that accompany the computer such as the printer, the laser, fiber optics, silicon chip, and the internet as well as other technological advanced devices.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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