Essays on The Job of Manager in Apple Inc Assignment

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I worked with Apple Inc. during my tenure as a manager in the company. It was an awe inspiring experience which made me learn quite a lot about the way management system works and the way people to people relations matter. While working with the company, I was given a lot of tasks to complete at a very minimal time limit. I was a part of the operations teams which looked after the marketing affairs of the company. I was part of the specific team to implement the design concept of the iPhone and the iPad into various parts of the world at the cheapest price available. The experience made me learn a lot about the different detailing aspects of managing and running a company.

Initially when I joined the company I faced a lot of problems in settling in with the people who were working. Part of this problem was the fact that I was new to the team and the pace at which the people work was phenomenal. I was not accustomed to such pace and had to dig my mind in order to accelerate my performance. Slowly and steadily I upped my pace and the results showed that, as most of the times I was able to accomplish my tasks and was not listening to the scolding of my boss.

When I joined the company the boss was always on my head asking me to generate more information with regard to the performance of Apple in the scope of advertising the products. Being a part of the finance team made me crunch the numbers and generate specific data with respect to the marketing of its new products, and while it was not easy, I had to shell more time than my peers to generate enough figures so that by the end of the day I could have a peaceful night. I learned to deal with problems head on and avoided any distractions once I settled down in office.

I was not at all concerned with what people talked about me, as that could be a negative influence on the performance of an employee in the company. It is crucial to know your own abilities and work towards enhancing your scope to the development of the company as that is where you get marked. Once I settled down I was able to work at a much faster pace completing my assignments on time.

This would not have happened if I had cared too much about my negativities, which were there prevalent when I joined, but I removed them by working hard and taking things head on rather than reacting from the heart to the problems faced by me. These are the most essential things which a person should keep in mind while he is performing a task, as one should focus only on his goals.

It is very important to have goals and achieve them on a daily basis, as this was one of the major positive I gained while I was working at the company. Work Cited http: //icesjms. oxfordjournals. org/content/64/4/613.abstract

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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