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The Key Goals and Positive Influence Introduction During the last couple of decades the business world has evolved and in terms of human resources there is greater emphasis on teamwork than individualism. It is essential for workers to cooperate with each other in order to accomplish the organizational goals. The root of learning how to become a good team player starts in the university classroom. At the University of Phoenix the schools values the importance of teamwork and it forces students to complete classroom projects working in team settings. In this course there was a formation of a team which I belong too named team D.

The purpose of this paper is to create an action plan of how our team will function. Some of the key goals are achieving team motivation, satisfaction and performance. An additional tool that will be considered in the plan is the personality test taken by the members of the team. Team organization functionality The mission of our team is to accomplish all the projects given to us within the deadline at the highest possible level of performance. It is important for the team to have an active participation in the work tasks by every member of the team.

We strive to grow professionally after completion of the course. The team will work as a cohesive unit at all times. We understand that there are five stages of development of a team which are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjuring. During the initial meeting we are to accelerate the process to open communication in order to resolve early the problems that arise from the storming stage. We as a team believe that developing the leadership skills of our members is important.

Under the assumption that our team will keep united throughout the course one of our strategies is to rotate the team leader position. A team leader position is going to be instituted in order to facilitate the functionality of the team. It is simpler if the members report their work task to team leader. Accountability is a concept our team values. We expect everyone to turn their project task on time. We realize that sometimes problems occur, if unforeseen circumstances occur the team player must report the problem to the team leader.

The team leader will then either assume the work task or delegate the work to another member. Open communication is very important since that practice is something that in the real working world has become imperative for the success of organizations. Application of personality test results All the members of our team took a serious of personality and self assessments to determine things such as type of personality, work preferences, motivators among other things. The results of these tests can use to the advantage of the team in organization the roles each member is going to play in the team.

One of the most valuable tests taken was the Jungian-Myers personality test. After answering a series of questions the test provides the person with a type of personality. I ended up being a ESTJ personality type. This personality type means I am realistic, logical, analytical, and decisive. Ironically this personality type is aligned with the abilities and interest of businesspeople. One of my potential career path included being a corporate executive.

Each of the members of the team took the test. The team should have a meeting to discuss the personality types of each member. There are going to be different position within the team. These positions include team leader, secretary, editor, and researcher. The different personality types provide interpretation of the things people like and are good at. The results can cross referenced with the team position to assign each the member the position he or she might be best fit to perform.

Another test that provides good information for the groups is the diversity test. Diversity is something that can enhance the creativity of a team. Evaluating the results can bring positive insight for the team. The test that evaluates the creative of the persons can help us determine which member is going to be good during brainstorming sessions. Recommendations to improve motivation, satisfaction, and team performance The team’s goal is to perform at a high level in order for each member to learn and to achieve a good project delivery for the class and obtain the maximum grade possible.

In order for the team to achieve good results it is essential for the players to be motivated at all times. Motivation is needed in order to keep the work machine going. If a player loses motivation the work output slows down and deteriorates in quality. In the team we are going to use a cooperative strategy to motivate the members. Everyone is responsible of motivating the members. To accomplish the goal the team is going to communicate with each other on a daily basis.

This means the each member must send individual email to each of the members. This mechanism will improve the cooperation among the members. To achieve a good learning experience it is important to obtain satisfaction. Our team will work together in harmony by helping each other throughout the entire process. When people work with others that treat them well they enjoy their time at work. We are going to be courteous and respectful to each other. The level of satisfaction of the team member will increase due to the good working environment the team will be involved in.

Another important goal our team plans to achieve is team performance. The team leader will monitor the work of the other members. This practice will serve as a control mechanism to ensure a higher level of quality. The team project will evaluate several times prior to the completion of the paper. During these evaluation there are going to be written feedback given by each of the members. The team leader will then discuss the most relevant ideas provided by the members.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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