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The Language of SecurityIn an organization, the success is defined by the capability of the different parts of the system to be able to achieve the main purpose, mission and vision that is set in the establishment of such organization. In the proper functioning of the system then, the synergy of the different parts can then be considered as the main cause of the attainment of every goal. For that matter, the functioning of the different parts and the act and force of unity can then be considered as the vital role within the system. Included in the main mission of the company is the maintenance and security of the system for the achievement of the goal (Miner, 2002).

In that case every part has an important function. Included in the said function is the security of the system. The said function can be considered as a superseding role wherein every division and component of the system requires the application of the established security mechanism. The function of the security system then is to work in synergy with the different components of the organization.

One of the main concern that can be considered as the basis for the initiative of the study undertaken is the query regarding the conflict between the language of security and the other areas of the organization. If the said concern holds true, the main role of a security system is forfeited since there is a failure in application of the said mechanism for security. The organization, then, remains to be susceptible to different attacks and problems in security. Risk ManagementIn the scenario that the organization becomes endangered to attacks, the situational measures are needed to be undertaken.

Incorporated in the said measures are the possible ways to access and resolve cases of organizational. Risk management is the main process that can be considered as the main strategy of the organizations and companies to be able to achieve and maintain security in the systems. Commonly, the process contains planning and then implementation. Also in cases wherein problems may arise, contingency plans can be utilized. The security measures undertaken and can be considered incorporated in the methods of risk management is perceived to safeguard the financial stability of an organization.

The establishment of such divisions in an organization started as an action to be able to prepare the system against dangers on the financial status of the organization. In the process that can be considered of equal importance as the establishment of contingency methods, the determination of the value at risk is vital (Culp, 2001)The value at risk can be considered a main concern prior to the risk management itself. The method of determination of the risk that can be undertaken by the organization can be considered vital on the basis that the problems that can be faced by the company can be estimated.

There are important processes that are incorporated in the determination of the possible risks in an organization as well as the management and contingency plans. The main target of such process includes issues such as possible conflicts between shareholders, the cooperation of the creditors and the managers of the different divisions and departments within the organization itself (Culp, 2001; Jones and Ashenden, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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