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The paper "The Leadership of David Morrison" is a great example of a management case study.   Though currently retired, Lieutenant General David Morrison has had a brilliant career in the military that, when compared to most, is nothing but a shining example to many people. This is demonstrated in the various capacities he has held in the military up until his retirement back in 2015. A graduate of St. Edmunds College in Canberra, David progressed with his studies at the Australian National University, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a particular focus on arts and law.

Over his military career, he underwent some training and development procedures that would see him rise in the military chain of command to become a distinguished soldier. One of these training and development procedure was earning a Master of Arts in Strategic Studies, which he earned at Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies. The son of a former military major, Major General Alan Morison, David is not particularly very keen on making his private life known to the public. Much as this is the case, it is on record that he is very passionate about matters that involve women.

His career has been marked with incidents where he has been very active in agitating for the rights of women to be observed in all areas, especially in his career at the military. To a great extent, his work has succeeded in revealing that the Australian military, especially the army, has not been keen on employing women as much as it does women. Be that as it may, he also has some engagement in various other areas where his stellar military career has been his boon. Leadership Transformational leadership theory is one that describes leadership that looks at change as a great idea that is transformational.

Lieutenant General David Morrison is one such leader whose transformational leadership ensures that one section of the society is not ignored just because of their gender. In his characteristic demeanour, he managed to observe, and point out to the right authority, that the recruitment of soldiers, especially in the army wing of the military, was openly discriminatory to women.

In the process, there has been a lot of effort that the industry has put towards changing this particular fact. Avolio & Yammarino (2013) recognise the fact that transformational leadership is quite instrumental in helping to check the social issues that affect the society, and correct them in the process just like Lieutenant General David Morrison has done in the whole of his career. Secondly, Lieutenant General David Morrison has never shied away from speaking about society and what makes it tick. In his view, the constant need to portray women as inferior and glorifying violence in television shows like Game of Thrones has got him to offer guidance on how this affects society.

While it is important that such shows are rated, he points out that over a long period of time, the stereotyping that is done on such shows could rub on the viewers and make it seem okay and acceptable that women should be treated as portrayed in such shows. On an interview with Canberra Times’ Thistleton (2015), David reiterates that too much violence against women in a period when people are experiencing it in their lives is bound to be quite counterproductive.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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