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The paper "Marissa Mayer Style of Leadership" is a perfect example of management coursework.   Based on the competitive nature of businesses and new perspectives and issues firms need to be more concerned with leadership team building. We are currently living in an era that offers a great number of opportunities for all those who seems to be willing to undertake responsibilities that seem inherent in the guidance of leadership within the industrial setting. It has been asserted that diverse leadership styles typically create different influences on entrepreneurial spirit. Based on these team leaders have an effect on the other members of the team, facilitating and encouraging competencies in the businesses.

This essay aims at relating the Marissa Mayer style of leadership to either one or more of the four leadership styles that have been outlined by Darling & Leffel 2010. This will be done by offering examples of how the leader has applied their leadership style in their business career. The other section will discuss critically how the leader’ s leadership style has made them an effective or ineffective leader. Marissa Mayer style of leadership Northouse 2001, defined leadership as a process through which an individual influences a group so as to achieve a predetermined goal.

And in the aim of achieving the goal visionary leaders need to place a lot of effort in the application of their leadership knowledge and skills. In a more general term leadership is more than management. For a leader to be successful they need to be strategic and show some level of innovation and motivation. Effective leadership teams comprise and place a lot of value to four types of styles, and the leadership teams that are productive need to have a balance or they ought to portray all the four styles.

According to Drucker 1973, leadership tasks need to have four different kinds of people that are the thought person (analyzer), the front person (creator), the action person (director) and the people person (connector). He further argues that it is impossible to find the strengths of all these styles in one person. Thus, organizations need to be willing to develop and at the same time recognize individuals to represent each of the styles and by doing so a leadership team will ultimately reflect the assets of all the styles in their decision making. Merissa Mayer is currently the CEO and president of Yahoo having been appointed on 16th July 2012.

Mayer leadership style can be seen as that of a director. Directors are usually action-oriented they usually have a short attention span and mostly they tend to interrupt other peoples conversation and they usually try to avoid small talks at all costs (McGregor, 2013). They are more comfortable if they met in an ad-hoc fashion than meet through formal meetings.

The directors are habitually doers of the leadership teams and are more uncomfortable with the employees who are not actively involved in concrete achievements. With the aim of simplifying, of the bureaucratic process and make the organizational culture the best she launched an online program that was named PB & J. The program was designed to collect complaints from the employees and at the same time collect votes on issues that may arise in the office. In instances when an issue generates at least fifty votes, the online management mechanically investigates the issue (Kurvers, 2013).

This seems to be a clear indication of his leadership style. Mayer further portrayed his action-oriented leadership style when she administered a main personnel policy change in the organization. The policy change required all the employees who were working remotely to convert to in-office roles and duties. She was greatly criticized for this ban. She also made a major change to the maternity leave policy. She did this by lengthening the time and also offering a cash bonus to the parents (McGregor, 2013).

By doing so, she was trying to conform to other Silicon Valley companies such as Google and Facebook. She also depicted her director leadership style when she instituted a performance review system this shows that she was stricter in the achievement of result and employees who were not performing to expectations did not please her at all. The performance review was based on a bell curve in ranking employee performance. It was also suggested that those employees who were in the low end were to be fired.

A great number of employees complained that a group of managers was seeing the process as a mandatory one.


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