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The paper “ Accounting Software in Australia” is a well-turned variant of the literature review on finance & accounting. The organizational structure of any company affects the flow of information between the various departments of the company. The organizational structure of the company is flatter: the level of bureaucracy is reduced. The company in the review is an Organic Restaurant shop operating in Victoria. The corporate structure is not exactly hierarchical but it has elements of the hierarchical structure. The corporate structure is such that the company is headed by the CEO but subject to the managing director, after whim, the management comes second in authority.

The interactions of the management and the employees are without much restriction. The decision making process is decentralized and not strictly based on top management. Further, the responsibilities of the engagement are not strictly left to decision making as every input of the employee is considered important. The logic is that the employees are a great part of the restaurant business as they represent the face of the restaurant at large to the customers.

The basic departments, at the management level, of the business, are divided into sales; finance and accounting, supply, and inventory. The company is dependent on technology in its operations: sales records, accounting data, and financial reports are produced on accounting software. The flatter organizational structure is beneficial to the company but is not without its challenges. Even though the structure does not have a visible hierarchy in place, over time there is a possibility that a hierarchical structure could develop. This is because there is no clear hierarchical structure. Further, since all participants in the group have a say in the management of the business, the business could run a risk of lack of accountability and responsibilities (Morgan 2015).

Three is the possibility of role confusion in the executions of the company’ s goals since management is not strict in decision making.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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