Essays on The Luxurt Colletion Hongta Hotel Shanghai Marketing Strategy Case Study

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The paper "The Luxury Collection Hongta Hotel Shanghai Marketing Strategy" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Marketing is arguably the most important function of business in today’ s contemporary world. The primary reason why marketing id deemed a critical function is that competing is getting stiffer each day in all industries. The hospitality industry being no exemption, the hotels have to come up with comprehensive marketing plans which can help the respective organizations top the market by grabbing the biggest market share. Luxury world-class hotels have made the decision to commit extra funds to market as a way of gaining market share.

Apparently, the organizations in the service industry find it a difficult affair to market their products, especially where such products are not tangible. Differentiating a service has proven to be one of the most complicated affairs in the modern business world. With many luxury hotels resorting to offering a variety of products such as conference halls and wedding arenas, the competition gets stiffer by day. This paper seeks to analyze the Luxury Collection Hongta Hotel, Shanghai with the primary aim of coming up with a comprehensive marketing plan.

The paper will analyze the current position of the hotel, pay attention to where the hotel wants to be and design a number of strategies that can help the organization beat the status quo so as to gain a substantial share of the market. Company overview Luxury Collection Hongta Hotel is a collection of world-class luxury hotels. The organization has been in hospitality for a considerably long time. The organization has been one of the giant organizations in the hospitality industry since it offers unrivaled quality when it comes to service delivery.

Arguably, the organization owns an enviable market share of approximately 12 percent in Shanghai, China. By 12 percent, the analysis is conducted on the market consisting of those clients that can afford to go to such hotels. Worth mentioning is the actuality that the organization’ s services are considerably costly considering that the hotel is a five-star organization offering indispensable quality always. The organization has a dedicated staff on which the management emphasizes a number of core values. The core values define the ethical standards of the organization.

The company has subsidiaries in the major cities if the world. It is important to note that the organization is currently rivaled by such established organizations as the Hilton Hotels. Hongta Hotel, shanghai offers a wide range of services and facilities. The primary facilities offered by the hotel are the ordinary facilities that people expect from ordinary hotels, plus other enhanced services. For instance, the organization, besides offering to dine and wining services, has such facilities as holding wedding ceremonies, conferencing services, and ballroom.

The premise is equipped with cuisine and other fitness facilities such as a gymnasium.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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