Essays on Sustainable Strategy to Excel the Performance of Abu Dhabi Police Research Proposal

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The paper "Sustainable Strategy to Excel the Performance of Abu Dhabi Police" is a great example of a management research proposal.   The agencies that deal with enforcing the law are present so that they ensure peace and tranquillity are experienced in the public and in the societies. The police are a form of law enforcement that ensures citizens of a country adhere to the laws that enable people to live in peace (Peter, 2007). They are responsible for eliminating the crime issue and are therefore obliged to perform their tasks under the following principles; Prevention of crime and maintaining order in the country They perform their jobs only after being approved by the law and that they should display a virtue of honest so that the law can trust them with their responsibilities. They have a goal of ensuring that they voluntarily comply with the requirements of the law during their delivering of services to the citizens. They should perform their duties and responsibilities by ensuring that they are not swayed by the public opinions, therefore, they should adhere to the law that governs them and their duties. They should only apply the use of force when the victims who are against the law have denied surrendering to the police, this principle applies when all the other methods of calming down the situation have failed and there are no other means. They should be aware of the fact that they are the citizens of the nation and, therefore, their duties and responsibilities should be oriented towards serving and protecting the nation. They should also ensure that there is no criminal record in the public, this is used to measure their performance whereby the public will not focus on the number of criminals arrested but the extent to which crimes are reduced. Therefore, under the above principles, the police are responsible for performing such tasks as; arresting criminals, providing security, rescuing citizens from disaster, fighting for the peace of the nation through going to war against enemies, settling domestic issues, settling sexual misconduct among citizens and ensuring there are no immoral activities in the nation (Rubin, 2013). The functions or rather the roles and responsibilities of police place them in a position whereby they have to perform their roles with knowledge and competence and that is why they are divided into many units depending on the capability and skills.

Abu Dhabi police are my major topic under discussion whereby my research will be based on the positive strategies to improve the performances of the duties carried out by this police. The vision of Abu Dhabi police To ensure the city of Abu Dhabi remains one of the best and safest societies in the world, by providing high-quality service to the public. The policing service will help those who live, work and visit the emirate. The mission of Abu Dhabi police The purpose of the police is to bring about a safer society and maintain stability, to reduce crime and contribute towards the delivery of justice so as to secure and maintain public confidence. Research focus The main purpose of the proposal is to develop a positive, sustainable strategy to excel in the performance of Abu Dhabi police.

The proposal will, therefore, help the department of police in Abu Dhabi to ensure that the performances of the police are focused on establishing a peaceful existence between the public and the police.

Therefore, all the strategies will be channelled towards improving the performance and enabling the police to perform their duties in a way that surpasses the last or rather the past performance.


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