Essays on Managing the HR Function Report

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The paper "Managing the HR Function" is a wonderful example of a report on management. Organizations around the world continue to discover benefits that can be realized from investing in employees. There is a possibility that organizations, which are emphasizing on developing their employees, will gain a competitive advantage over other firms. My organization is Tesco, the biggest private sector in the UK. This organization has more than 360,000 workers in various Tesco branches across the globe. Tesco has local Tesco Express, Large Tesco Extras, Metro, and Superstores that are in the UK.

Apart from the UK base, Tesco also operates in 12 other countries including China, Japan, Turkey, and the USA. In these 12 countries, Tesco continues to maintain its strength as a market leader. To succeed in the delivery of services in both store-based and non-store jobs, Tesco focuses on merging roles with the business objectives. This means that Tesco ensures that it has the right people in the right job at the right time. To meet the objectives of Human Resources in Tesco, the organization has a structured recruitment and selection process that will culminate to attract desirable applicants for both managerial and operational roles. Tesco utilizes workforce planning in order to foresee future demand for new staff.

Workforce planning entails investigation of the organization’ s future needs in relation to numbers, skills, and location. Since Tesco is constantly growing, it is imperative to conducting workforce planning by putting in place a favorable recruitment and training program. Often, positions are created as new Tesco stores are opened in the UK and across the globe. Vacancies are also created as employees resign, retire, or are promoted.

Moreover, additional jobs are created at Tesco as the company move to innovative processes and technology. Tesco, for example, had focused that to keep pace with its growth rate, there was a necessity to employ 4,000 new managers in the year 2008/09. This process of forecasting organizational demand for new employees goes on in Tesco every year while reviews are done in the months of May, August, and November. This helps to adjust the level of staffing at the right time and to meet its strategic objectives of opening new outlets and maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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