Essays on The Market Analysis of Qantas Airlines Case Study

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The paper "The Market Analysis of Qantas Airlines" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing.   This company was established in the year 1920. It has recently grown tremendously to be a leading Australia’ s airline. It has also expanded its operations internationally to counter competition of other leading international airlines. It boasts itself as a preferred airline in long-distance as well as Australia’ s strongest selling brand. It has continuously excelled in safety, engineering and maintenance, operational reliability and customer service. The main business of Qantas airways limited is the transportation of customers and goods to various destinations of the world.

It has two airline brands, Jetstar and Qantas. It also specializes in subsidiary operations like operating other airlines. It operates domestically, regionally and internationally as (QANTAS 2008) reports. 2.0 The market analysis of Qantas airlines Marketing is a management process that is responsible for anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer needs and requirements as (CIM 2009) defines. The Company has a mission to achieve the purpose of becoming the best airways in the world. While starting with the current issues of restoring its reputation and confronting the crisis, the company has vigorous marketing strategies to operationally sustain itself and plan for the future.

The company has positioned itself in five key areas to effectively serve its customers to the maximum, safety to its customers, matching with the right route in order to serve more customers, providing the best customer services, having effective and efficient operations and complement reputable brands (Jetstar and Qantas). The company has used the marketing mix to control and influence the brand's sales as well as the market share to make it the preferred mode of transport among a different range of customers (commercial, official, private and missioner customers).

The persistent issue that Qantas management must keep up with is how it combines these marketing concepts and strategies to maximize sales, expand and acquire market share and overall make good returns to its shareholders. This will definitely depend on the response of the market share and sales to the past expenditures on these marketing variables. Experiences in the past will also play a significant role in how the concepts will be portrayed as (QANTAS 2011) outlines. The past data on market response and consumer as (Tellis 2006) explains, will enlighten the understanding of how to use the marketing mix and concepts to improve sales and overall performance.

Marketing and especially international marketing, posses a great challenge for both private and public firms. (Rainisto 2003) asserts that the suitability of marketing places should be considered carefully to attain efficiency in service delivery by the company.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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