Essays on The Success of the Economic Market in Asia Case Study

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The paper "The Success of the Economic Market in Asia" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. This report primarily addresses the environmental factors that determine the success of the economic market in Asia. The major highlight of the report is the environmental economic factors that cut across social-cultural issues as well as economic factors. The analysis touches on the success of the car manufacturing industries in China. The success is attributed to the joint ventures in China. The report also highlights the case study of Chang’ an.

These factors are critically analyzed and compared to how the company uses these factors to capture a wider market share. The report also highlights the critical success factors in the Asian market. In addition, the dynamic of the auto industry that has attracted massive joint venture in the country is also discussed. The report finalizes by giving recommendations to Australian auto industries that hope to enter the Chinese market. The recommendations are: a) Australian companies ought to observe limits put up by the Chinese government. b) They need to consider surrendering their intellectual property c) Be aware of the political and legal systems d) The Australian companies have to adapt the 4ps of the Chinese market in order to meet the cultural and economic differences. Introduction Several factors control the success of a market.

These factors have seen the rise in the motor vehicle industry in China and contributed to the immense success of these car-manufacturing industries. Motor vehicle industries in China have grown tremendously over the last decade. This has enabled the economic level of China to reach greater heights (Luo 2006, p. 10). This paper reports on the beneficial factors and assessment of the car manufacture industry in the Chinese market in reference to the case study about Chang’ an Automobile Limited.

The paper also gives recommendations to car manufacturing companies that have ventured into China. Environmental factors Environmental factors control a huge percentage of market success. In the Chinese market, these factors are interrelated and aid the company towards market prosperity as well as proving to be an obstacle for the progress of the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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