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The paper "Mortein Insect Spray Fast Knockdown" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. The main purpose of this report is to unfold the findings of the research concerning the marketing of Mortein insect killer knockout. This report also tries to find out who are the target customers of the product. In this report, the market has been differentiated in terms of segments(Baker 2000). Marketing mix of mortein insect killer knockout will also be assessed to know how the product can be improved so as to meet the customer demands.

The marketing elements analyzed are; product, price, place, and price of the product. Eventually, the report discusses the competitiveness of the product and what can be done by the firm to improve its value to the customers. A. 1 Target market of mortein insect killer knockout The main target groups which will provide the markets for mortein insect killer are people of 24 years of age and above. Also, this target group has some sources of income therefore they can afford to purchase the product for the household. The target market will be divided into people of age between 24 years and 35 years and then 36 years and above.

People of 35 years and above provide the highest market for the market reason being that they have invested in houses and compounds which need to be protected from the insects. The target also will be divided further into segments. The first segment will be based on the geographical distribution of the customers (Aacker & Joachimstheler 2000). There will be rural areas segment and the urban segment. Further, the target market will be segmented based on the demographic factors which income, age and the education level of the customers.

Low-income earners like the casual employees will under the same segment while high-income earners like the businessmen and the civil servants will be segmented into one market. Finally, the target market will be segmented as per the cultural values and attitudes (Aacker & Joachimstheler 2000). Communities who believe that they can control the spread of insects than spreading the mortein insect killer will be segmented into one market while those who believe that the only way to eliminate the insects is to spray the mortein spray will also be put under one market. The expectations and needs of the customers include getting the product at the least cost possible, they expect the mortein spray to eliminate the insects, getting the product at convenient places through effective channels of distributing the product by the firm and they also expect that the product will be of high quality. A. 2 The marketing of mortein spray killer The marketing mix of mortein spray killer takes into account the 4Ps which are the product, place, promotion and pricing.

This 4Ps are further illustrated in Table A2 in the appendix below. 1.1 The product This research was conducted on the performance of mortein spray killer which is a spray for killing insects. The product will be of high quality so as to meet the requirements of the customers who need quality product so their quality requirement will be met (Hoyer & Maclnnis 2001). On the same note the product will be of different designs and quantities. This will help the firm to meet the different requirements of different customers.

Mortein spray killer will be of different sizes so as to meet the needs of different customers because some may need the product in bigger quantities while others will need the product in small quantities thus their different quantity needs will be met.


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